Registration MUST be completed online at the time of registration.

Registration is always open, which means you can register your child at any time there is an opening to suit your needs. Your child should begin attending classes immediately after enrollment. You’ll be charged a prorated amount for the number of lessons remaining in the session. Marlin Swim School is a perpetual program, which means your child will remain registered in his/her current class each month until you cancel (see Withdraw Procedure below).

The number of classes offered per month may vary based on holidays. In this case, your monthly rate will be prorated.

Monthly payments are due upon registration and will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on the first of every month. Late payments cannot be accepted. New students will be allowed to enroll at this time. Students who have been dropped due to late payment must re-enroll.


Marlin Swim School accepts two forms of payment:

1.       ACH – You may set up your account information through your online account. There are no charges for using the payment method.

2.       Credit card – Please note that our service provider sets credit card fees that are added to your monthly dues. You may add your credit card information through your online account.


To provide the highest-level instruction possible to all of our customers, we do not offer make-up lessons for customers who cannot attend for personal reasons. If you find that a class schedule is not working for your family, please email us at [email protected] to discuss an alternative class time.


It is our goal to keep classes running at their scheduled day and time. However, especially in Oklahoma, we must be mindful of inclement weather and occasionally we may have facility closures. If Marlin Swim School cancels a class for any reason, we will notify you via email of a makeup date/time.


To ensure your child gets the most from his/her class, we recommend the following:

  • Girls should wear a swim cap or have their hair pulled back away from the face.
  • All swimmers should have properly-fitting goggles.
  • Girls’ swim suits should fit snug. We recommend girls wear a one-piece suit.
  • Boys’ swim suits should be able to fit snugly around the waist.
  • Please remove all bandages before entering the pool.
  • Please have your child visit the restroom before each class.
  • Children must be potty-trained to enroll in our program.


To withdraw from the program, please email is at [email protected] by the 22nd of the month prior to withdraw. If you notify us after that date, you will be charged the following month’s dues.

For example, to discontinue lessons beginning the month of June, you must notify us via the contact us link by May 22.

You may re-enroll your child at any time with Marlin Swim School. Simply use the login/password you created at your initial registration to re-enroll at


Marlin Swim School does not accept teacher requests.  Although we make every attempt to keep our teachers consistent for each class, we may need to change a teacher’s schedule. However, all of our instructors are professionally-trained and experienced swimmers.


To set up a private lesson, please email us at [email protected].