We know first hand that the world of competitive swimming can be overwhelming, for swimmers and parents! That's why we've collected frequently asked questions to help you along the way. 

Here are some of our most common questions. If you don't see your question here, check out our FAQ topics below.

Q: How can I check the schedule practice?

There are two ways to check the practice schedule: 1) In our weekly updates email, which is typically sent on Sundays; or 2) On our Practice Schedule page (click here). However, due to Covid, swimmers are Mitch Park and LH will find the current schedule for the week under Meets/Events. All swimmers are required to sign up for practices under Meets/Events each week (except in Stillwater).

On the Practice Schedule webpage, you'll find the normal schedule for each pool. At the top of the webpage, you'll see any changes specific to that week. Check here often -- we frequently have changes based on pool closures, swim meets, and holidays.

Q: I want to view billing for my account. How do I do that?

In the left rail, click on My Account, then choose Invoices & Payments

On this webpage, you'll see several headers that you can click on for more information. Under Recurring Member Charges, you’ll see the charges you’ll pay every month. Annual fees will be noted as such. Under Account Charges Summary, you’ll see how much you owe in the current month, new charges posted since the last invoice was generated, and payments you’ve made this month.

Under Your Total Projected Amount Owed, you’ll see a breakdown of expected charges for the next billing cycle. Under Billing History, you can view invoices for all past bills.

Q: How can I change my payment method or credit card?

In left rail, go to My Account ---> Account Info. Note the tabs across the top of the webpage and click on Payment Setup.

Click on Add New Card or Add New Bank Account to enter details. You’ll then see your new payment method listed under the Payment Setup tab. Check that the appropriate settings are selected for that payment method. To have payments made automatically each month, make sure Use for Fees Associated with your Account

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