VIDEO: Core characteristics of a champion

Five-time ASCA Coach of the Year and three-time U.S. Olympic Team member Bob Bowman shares the core characteristics of a champion in this video from the 2013 Chicago Ideas Week.

Seizing opportunities

In this article from USA Swimming's correspondent Mike Gustafson, the writer challenges swimmers how to approach a day when they don't feel like swimming, which is helpful early in the season. An excerpt: "But swimming is rarely predictable. It’s not this linear, easily-planned calendar of time progression. It's more a chaotic fun house. It’s opposite than what you’d expect. You swim fast when you expect to swim slow. You swim slow when you expect to swim fast. One day, you could be planning a trip to the beach, while your body secretly knows, 'I could be breaking a world record right now, this very second.' You never know when the swim of your life will happen."

Before you throw in the towel ...

This article from gives athletes six things to consider before deciding to throw in the towel. All of these reminders are helpful for youth as they go through the normal ups and downs of swimming and life. 

When the fastest swimmers are expected to be the leaders

Often, the fastest swimmer on a team is expected to become the leader and role model, too. But fast swimmers don't necessarily become great leaders. USA Swimming's Mike Gustafson explains why, above all else, you should focus on being true to yourself.