KMSC Parent/Swimmer Education Resources

Parents, this page provides links to articles and websites on a variety of topics related to swimming and youth sports. Each phase in swimming presents new challenges, excitement and questions. We hope these resources will help ease these transitions. If you'd like to recommend an article or website, please contact [email protected]

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USA Swimming website

USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport, provides a wealth of information on its website for swimmers and parents. Also, as part of your annual USA Swimming membership, you'll receive Splash Magazine every other month. 

Oklahoma Swimming

Oklahoma Swimming is the LSC (local swim committee) for KMSC and the Oklahoma area. Its website includes meets hosted in the Oklahoma area, state records, archived results, and more.

Deck Pass for swimmers

Sign up your swimmer for a Deck Pass account, a service provided by USA Swimming.  This program allows your swimmer to track their times, set goals, and earn digital patches. Learn more here.



10 nutrition strategies for the big race day

USA Swimming shares 10 strategies for making sure your body has the proper fuel it needs at championship level meets.

Top 10 foods swimmers should be eating

Learn about the top 10 foods swimmers should be eating to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients for growth, development and athletic performance in this USA Swimming article.

Signs your young swimmer isn't eating enough

Bodies need fuel, but sometimes it can be hard to gauge whether your young swimmer is eating enough. This USA Swimming article identifies 7 signs that your swimmer isn't eating enough.

Understanding muscle cramps & keys to prevention

USA Swimming offers reasons behind muscle cramps and explores nutritional strategies for preventing them in this article.

Eating in the off-season

The offseason: workouts are a little less strenuous and shorter. It's a welcome time of year for most swimmers. But how should a swimmer be eating during the off-season? USA Swimming offers tips for eating when your swimmer is on break.

Got chocolate milk?

Getting young athletes to eat what's right before and after a workout can be tough, but not when it's chocolaty goodness. Watch this video on the benefits of chocolate milk for athletes.

More research indicates chocolate milk ideal for swimmers

Grabbing chocolate milk after a hard swim could give swimmers a performance edge, according to new research presented at one of the nation’s top sports medicine conferences – the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual conference.



VIDEO: Relax, it's just a game

It's easy to get caught up in the moment when our children are competing. But how far is too far? This public service announcement created by Hockey Canada reminds parents to relax.

10 commandments for parents

USA Swimming lists its 10 commandments for parents of swimmers.

Tips for parents of 10 & under swimmers

In this guest commentary published by Swimming World magazine, two age-group parents give insights to what they learned as 10 & under parents. This article offers valuable perspective and many helpful tips. 

Questions parents ask

This USA Swimming article highlights common questions that parents ask about swimming, such as whether it's OK to participate in other activities, why swim practices look like fun, why drills are important, and the increased training demands that come with moving to the senior level. 

How not to ruin a swimming prodigy

This Wall Street Journal article tells the story of Missy Franklin and how her parents chose to stick with the team and coach she had from age 7, rather than moving to swimming meccas in Texas, Florida, or California.

On praising your children

It's easy to praise our children too much, or to wonder what to say after our child has had a disappointing race. This article provides the Dos and Don'ts of praising your children.



Understanding early and late maturing athletes, and what it means to swimmers

In swimming, it's important to understand that many athletes mature at different points in their career. An incredibly fast 10-year-old may have an advantage because she's hit her growth spurt before her peers. A 14-year-old boy may be behind his teammates because he has yet to hit his growth spurt. It's important as parents to recognize that this variation in development is normal, and yet be prepared to help our swimmers with the challenges they may face as a result of their maturation process. This USA Swimming article helps explain this process and what parents can do.

Three stages of sport development

Read this article for tips on what's age appropriate in developing talent in youth athletes.

10 & under wonder

USA Swimming provides insightful statistics on where 10 & under wonders end up later in their swimming career. This information isn't intended to be discouraging, but rather to provide valuable perspective as your swimmer progresses through his/her career and faces many ups and downs.



Working with the coach

Have a question or concern you'd like to discuss with your child's coach? Building and maintaining a respectful relationship with your child's coach is important. Read this USA Swimming article that offers advice for parents before approaching the coach.

Parent & coach ... the other stuff

This USA Swimming article discusses the role of the parent and coach and what serves the swimmer best.



Proper breathing technique in freestyle

Breathing late in freestyle is a common problem and can create more issues within a swimmer's freestyle. This USA Swimming article includes tips on how to fix the problem and includes videos of correct breathing and helpful drills.

Tips for improving open turns on flat walls

Executing a breaststroke or butterfly turn or IM transition on a flat wall -- without any gutter to grab -- can be challenging. However, placing one or both hands above the surface can help improve these turns. Read more in this USA Swimming article and watch the video.

The dangers of underwater breathing training

One of the world's most well-known swim coaches, Bob Bowman, discusses the danger in pushing swimmers to practice holding their breath underwater for extended periods of time in this article.

Back-to-breast crossover turn

Watch this video on the back-to-breast crossover turn to see the move up close, then check out USA Swimming's article an additional videos on the turn. 


Details on new Omega backstroke start device announced

Swimming World magazine reports that the new Omega backstroke starting platforms will make their U.S. debut at the Arena Grand Prix in Arizona next month, FINA shares this video on setting up and using the new backstroke platform. (Look for former KMSC swimmer David Plummer in the video.) (03/20/2014)