KMSC values USA Swimming’s commitment to “foster a fun,

 healthy and safe environment for all its members.” Through Safe Sport, KMSC and USA Swimming will work together to promote this environment and educate its members. 

As a USA Swimming member club, we are required to adopt the Minor Athelete Abuse Prevention Policy. The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy or (MAAPP) must be reviewed and agreed to in writing by all athletes, parents, coaches and other non-athlete members of our club on an annual basis. 

By being proactive and aware, we can provide the best atmosphere for our athletes to succeed, have fun and feel comfortable on their team. Athlete protection training is available online via USA Swimming. KMSC strongly encourages the following 

action for its members:

  • All swimmers ages 12-18 should participate in the free, online training provided here.
  • Parents should complete a parent-focused class through USA Swimming's free training provided here.
  • Any parent seeking Non-Athlete Membership status through USA Swimming is required to complete Athlete Protection Training, provided free here. (Non-Athlete status is required for parents who volunteer in roles such as as officials or team chaperones.)

To learn more about Safe Sport, please visit USA Swimming's website.