03/29 - Fee Update

Alva Brockus


The SSC Board has been considering a pair of issues relating to our Coaches and Members.

First and foremost we have been considering how long we can continue to pay our coaches.  After considering several options the board has decided that we will pay our coaches as normal for the month of April.  It is our belief that coaching fees are a part of our coaches various personal budgets and in this time of challenge, if we can ease this piece for them even a little then we are doing the right thing. 

In addition, we are sensitive that many of our families may be facing their own financial challenges with one or more family members being unable to work and consequently unable to earn their normal paycheck.

The Board has made the decision to allow families that need to the option to suspend their accounts without the normally required 30 day notice.  Families choosing this option will not be penalized in any way.  We are also cognizant that some families may be in a position to continue to pay their fees for the near future and that they may be willing.  To those families, we say thank you, and we will not abuse this gift.

So, the Board has evaluated its fixed expected costs for April and we are choosing to lower all fees to match.  Temporary fees for April will be as follows:

Minnows – $48.00

Dolphins - $54.00

Barracudas - $58.00

Sharks - $70.00

High School - $31.00

Any family choosing to continue to pay their fees will be charged the above lower fees (unless they choose an alternate amount.)  Any families choosing to suspend their accounts will not be charged for the month of April.

The Board is normally scheduled to meet on April 1, but we are pushing our next meeting off to April 8 in the interest of having more information regarding next steps for the team.  We will continue to provide regular Monday emails and any in-between updates to keep you all informed.

To be clear, our overarching goal is to have a team for our swimmers to return to when it is safe to do so.  Of course our first and primary concern is to protect our coaches and swimmers health and to respond accordingly to any guidelines from the City, State, and Federal governments.

As many of you know, staying active is one way to stay healthy both mentally and physically.  To that end, Kent is working on providing Land based exercises for our swimmers.  At present that covers Barracudas, Sharks, and Seniors.

For our Norman Public School system swimmers in Barracudas, Sharks and Seniors, Coach Kent has invited them to join with the high school swimmers on their Google Classroom so they can follow along in Dry Land exercise.  The Google Classroom link is lq2oluu.  This should work for students with laptops in the Norman School System. 

Non Norman School System students should try logging into the google classroom link above and see if they can connect as well.  If they cannot, please drop an email to me or Kent and we will find a way to get this information to you.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  My email is alva@brockus.org.  Kent’s email is kentn@norman.k12.ok.us.