07/13 - 07/19

Alva Brockus

First and foremost, our coach that might have been exposed to Coronavirus has tested negative.  We are so pleased the coach is fine and healthy and also that our swimmers were not exposed to anything.

This week we are on our continuing regular practice.  If you are a Minnow or Dolphin considering coming back to swimming, please be sure to let us know.  We miss our young swimmers!  We would be happy to discuss our safety procedures and the variety of ways we are working to protect our swimmers from Coronavirus while they are at the pool.

Finally, as we are all starting to look forward to life in the fall, please know we are also working hard on finding a good safe solution for our team practices.  Current plans are to stay at Westwood as long as possible.  After that is a little uncertain still.  We have a vareity of factors that are out of our control, but we are working on it.  And as always, as soon as we know something we will tell you.