Weekly Update 11/30 - NO PRACTICE TODAY

Amy Ermeling

Good Afternoon Everybody,

My apologies for not sending out an update last week and also not updating everybody about the parking passes.  It was a combination of working 2 swim meets back to back weekends and then also my phone died, so my access to emails was down for a few days and then of course we had Thanksgiving Break.  If any of you have emailed in the past week or longer than that, I am working through the emails so please be patient, I will respond very soon.

This week is it a little crazy for our practices.  There will be no practices today due to an issue with the OU Pool and also tomorrow there is no practice because there is a high school swim meet. Kent will email everybody about practices for the upcoming weekend.  There will be a board meeting on Wednesday evening and part of our agenda is to establish a schedule to hand out the parking passes.  I'll send out another email by the end of the week with information about getting the parking passes.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 12/1 - High School Meet

Wednesday, 12/2 - SSC Board Meeting  

Wednesday 12/9 - SSC Parent Meeting

December - Meet in Edmond, TBA

January - Meet in Edmond, TBA

February - Short Course - D-II's and State