This group is primarily focused on competing at the Ontario Provincial Championships.  This group is generally focused on qualifying for and competing at the Provincial levels while at the same time working to attain national standards such as Eastern Canadian Championships and Canadian Junior National qualifying times. Swimmers in this group will still spend a great deal of training time consolidating and refining their strokes and skills; at the same time increasing fitness and endurance. Dryland conditioning will also be a key element.  Girls 11-13 and Boys 12-14 are eligible to be invited into this squad.


2019-2020 Preliminary Meet Schedule and Parent Sign-up deadlines

These are subject to change as meet packages become available


DATE:                          EVENT:                                                SIGN UP DEADLINE:


OCT 12                        BLUE & ORANGE MEET                       ---


NOV 1-3                      AUTUMN/HARVEST INVITATIONAL    OCTOBER 17


NOV 29-01                  NEPTUNE INVITE                                 NOVEMBER 14


DEC 13-15                   MSSAC OPEN                                      NOVEMBER 21


JAN 9-12                      MAC WINTER INV LC                           DECEMBER 17


JAN 31-FEB 2              CR ‘A’ CHAMPS (QUALIFIERS)             JANUARY 16


FEB 6-9                        CR ‘B’ CHAMPS (QUALIFIERS)             JANUARY 23


FEB 15-16                    GTA SKINS (SELECT)                            JANUARY 30


FEB 22-23                    FESTIVALS (QUALIFIERS)                     FEBRUARY 6


FEB 21-23                    CR ‘C’ CHAMPS                                   FEBRUARY 6


FEB 29-1                      BURLINGTON                                      FEBRUARY 13


MAR 5-8                      OSC/OYJ (QUALIFIERS)                        FEBRUARY 20


APR 17-19                   MARILYN BELL                                    APRIL 2


APR 30                        MAC APRIL INVITE                              APRIL 15


MAY 14-17                  HICKEN                                                APRIL 30


JUN 11-14                   CR ‘B’ CHAMPS (QUALIFIERS)             MAY 28


JUN 19-21                   FESTIVALS (QUALIFIERS)                     JUNE 4


JUNE 19-21                 CR ‘C’ CHAMPS                                   JUNE 4


JUL 2-5                        OSC/OYJ (QUALIFIERS)                        JUNE 18


JUL 11-12                    BURLINGTON SUMMER INVITE          JUNE 4


JUL 22-26                    CDN JUNIOR CHAMPS                        JULY 9