Overview of OAK Programs


Level 1 program in which swimmers practices once a week for the entire season (from September to May). Acorns is where the foundation of competitive swimming begin and swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in one meet at the end of the season. For more detailed information about the Acorns Program such as which group to register in, the practice schedule and minimum requirements click here.

Olympic Prospect

Level 2 program in which swimmers practices twice a week for the entire season (end of September to end of May). The Olympic Prospect program is an introduction to the fundamentals of competitive swimming. The primary focus is the acquisition of technical skills required for the complete development of a competitive swimmer. Along with the technical component is the introduction to aerobic fitness and competition skills. It is during these sessions the swimmers learn a sense of routine in competitive training and racing, as well as a sense of sportsmanship, team spirit and a love of the sport. Each group is designed for the ages and abilities of the swimmers. The Olympic Prospect groups race in the HOBC (Hamilton, Oakville, Brantford, Cambridge) meet series. It is a competition series scheduled throughout the season run by each of the participating clubs. Interclub fun meets will also be available from time to time.


Level 3 program in which swimmers practices three times a week for the entire season (end of September to mid June). The Development programs build on the fundamentals of competitive swimming as outlined in the Olympic Prospect Programs. The focus is on learning and maintaining skill development, mental awareness, building physical fitness and learning how to compete. Each development group is designed for the ages and abilities of the swimmers and practices are geared towards the specific ages of the groups. As such, the content of each development program will be slightly different. Swimmers in the development programs race in competitions specific to their ability.


Level 4 program where individuals are encouraged to reach their potential and to strive towards excellence. In this program the focus is on building a training base and improving a skill set to develop the competitive strokes, distances and events. Attention is given to all aspects of development as an athlete and to truly challenge the athlete in competitive situations. Competitions are based on time standards, ability and experience. The Performance season runs from mid September through to the end of June. The higher the level that a swimmer competes at, the longer the swimming season runs e.g. athletes who make national/international teams must train longer into July and August as the meets they attend follow the International Calendar and are usually held in late July or August. Performance swimmers are divided into the following training groups with their own dedicated coaches. All Performance groups are at the "rep" level based on age group and performance. Senior, TAG1, TAG2, TAG3, Gold, Silver, AG1, AG2.

Please contact the OAK Office at office@oakvilleaquatics.ca for more information and assistance to determine the best program for your swimmer.