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2020 Blue and Orange Meet Recap

42nd Annual Blue/Orange Meet After a long hiatus from the pool, BCST swimmers returned for their first sanctioned swim meet since February in the...

By Dwight Anderson

The Rivers Daily Muse ep. 7

Hello All, Those who have had me as a coach know I'm not really the 'superhero type' but today I want to call attention...

By Lee Rivers

The Rivers Daily Muse ep. 6

Hello All, Appologies for my lack of post yesterday, we had a coaches' meeting during my usual writing time and I completely forgot to...

By Lee Rivers

The Rivers Daily Muse ep. 5

Good Morning All, Today I am going to share with you the myth of the Koi and the Dragon Gate. If you can't tell...

By Lee Rivers

The Rivers Daily Muse ep. 4

Hi All, Today's episode of the Rivers Daily Muse will focus on how we can be better people through something called Deep Listening. When...

By Lee Rivers

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