The Rivers Daily Muse ep. 7

Lee Rivers

Hello All,

Those who have had me as a coach know I'm not really the 'superhero type' but today I want to call attention to a quote by Professor X: "Just because someone stumbles and loses their path doesn't mean they're lost forever".

This hit hard and stirred up all kinds of feelings in me that hadn't yet surfaced during this quarantine. We have been thrown off our normal game, and while I trust our team to weather all storms I am now keenly aware of a hole in my heart where hours and hours of time on deck with all of you used to be. There is no substitute in the 'real world' for what we do, as swimmers and coaches alike, and I am feeling that now more than ever.

I wanted to use my platform today to say that even though we have been rocked pretty hard by this pandemic we will return to each other stronger, better, and with a greater sense of what's important than we ever had before. One day we will get our training base back, we will get best times, we will step back up on the blocks to race, and do all the other things that make BCST so great. All the work you have put into the pool, the dryland room, and beyond, is not lost forever. It's still there. You are the result of everything you have ever done, in all areas, and your destiny will be what you make it, during these times as much as any other. 

And that right there is why I love what I do. I am surrounded by people who constantly remind me of the most important things in life, of what it takes to carve out meaning from a raw existence, how to work hard, and you all do it with open hearts and smiling faces. You, we, BCST, are far more than we think we are, and our bonds are so deep and strong that when we get back together it will be like we never missed a beat. And while I can't wait for that day I know we will make the most of the ones in between, and do what we do best: work together.