Mission Statement

The mission of the Bellevue Club Swim Team is to provide a training environment that ensures participants the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

BCST is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants. To do so we have athlete protection policies and guidelines in line with USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program; you can view our team’s relevant policies on our website’s Safe Sport section.

To fully realize the mission, the level of participation of the swimmers, parents and coaches must symbolize a commitment to excellence in competitive swimming: a commitment to the team, a commitment to teammates and the acceptance of a personal role in the pursuit of excellence.

In keeping with our belief that there is ‘life after swimming’, we strongly believe that the life skills developed in our program such as time management, self discipline and sportsmanship will provide valuable benefits to each participant long after participation ends. Enjoy the journey!


Vision Statement

Inspire individual achievement through self-discipline and self-improvement. Unify team spirit through commitment to excellence and sportsmanship.  Commit to competitive excellence through hard work and perseverance, yet still maintaining a level of fun and swim/life balance.