Workshare Q & A:
1.      Finding your workshare records, follow these steps:
·         Sign in to the BCST Site.
·         Click on "My Invoice / Payments" (on the left side).
·         Click on the "Volunteer Hours" tab. 
These three steps will get you to your workshare information.
2.       Additional access to your Workshare records.
·         Sign on to the BCST Website
·         Click on the Workshare tab
·         Click on “Your Workshare hours”.
·         Click on “Your Workshare hours” again.
·         Click on Volunteer hours
3.   The Workshare Tab on the home page provides a good deal of information about Workshare opportunities for every member. Please explore.
4. We will send emails stating when workshare sign-ups will go live on line. 
5. We strive to have all workshare data updated by 3-4 weeks after the event.  Please don’t expect your workshare information to be updated instantly!