Use a Workshare Recording Form. Hours delivered in other formats cannot be recorded. A recording form is attached. You can download additional forms as needed from the web page under "Documents” the Workshare Recording Form.
Each family is responsible for recording and submitting its own hours, except for BCST-hosted events--picnic, banquet, Blue/Orange, Pumpkin 400, PNS Champs, Snowflake, March 10 & Under Pentathlon, May Flowers. (Committee chairs are responsible for recording and submitting those hours.)
Turn in your completed Workshare Recording Form within two weeks
after the listed event. Hours submitted later may not be credited to your account.
Important: Completed Workshare Recording Forms should be turned in via the "Completed Workshare Forms" file folder in the lower Booster Club drawer under the Blue Box, not in the Blue Box. Forms left elsewhere may not get to the right person.
A copy of the Workshare Agreement was included in your family's registration/application packet. Remember that you are still responsible for hours should your child drop and he/she or any siblings later chose to return. (The official "drop" policy is stated in your registration paperwork.)
To View your current status on workshare hours completed please log on to the BCST web page. 
1)    Sign in on the BCST website
2)    Click on “My Invoice / Payments tab (on the left side)
3)    Click on the “Volunteer Hours” tab.
It can take up to 4 weeks after a BCST sponsored event to have all the workshare hours entered. Please contact the BCST Workshare Chair if you have any questions.