Bend Swim Club Income based Dues Scholarship Program


In an effort to support and accommodate our community in a deeper way the Bend Swim Club is offering specific scholarships to those families that may as a result of income constraints be unable to participate in our competitive swimming program.

With a history of over 35 years serving Central Oregon’s swimming community; it is a privilege to offer the following program as an option to those families’ children that qualify.

The Bend Swim Club is offering up to two (2) dues scholarships per year to individual swimmers who qualify.  These scholarships are reviewed annually and may or may not be renewable depending on various factors such as facility use capability, and contract renewal.  The qualifications are as follows:

130% of the then calculated Federal poverty level income as proven by federal assistance award letter.

Up to two swimmers whose family(s) incomes fall into this above stated guideline will qualify for a 50% reduction in dues for any group in the program.  Dues are recalculated annually and will change as a result of increasing staff and facility costs therefore any scholarship award or dues reduction may still have annual cost increases to recipient(s)

[Board of Directors approval May 2019]


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