Bend Swim Club Board of Directors

The BSC Board oversees the administrative functions of the team and supports the coaches in facilitating programs that maintain the team philosophy. The board consists of a minimum of four parent members and the head coach. Members are elected for one year terms annually. If you are interested in joining the board next year, please contact the president.

Board Job Responsibilities

Each board member is assigned a specific area of responsibility. Following are the board positions and their general areas of responsibility:

  • President: The president is primarily responsible for conducting Board Meetings, counseling parents and coaches, calling Special Meetings, appointing Committees, delegating authority & responsibility, holding Elections and maintaining Staff.
  • Vice President: The Vice President is primarily responsible for conducting meetings in absence of the President and helping in all areas of the president's responsibilities.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is primarily responsible for collecting fees & dues, Payroll, Financial Reports, paying bills, maintaining receipts, Budgets, filing Taxes and registration with USA Swimming.
  • Secretary: The Secretary is primarily responsible for recording Minutes at Board Meetings, maintaining Club records, sending Thank You notes, maintaining business records, Club mailings and other correspondence.
  • Member at Large: The Member at Large fills in as needed.

Meet Bend Swim Club's Board of Directors!


Amy Johnson


email: [email protected]




Julie Ostrom

Vice President & Safe Sport Chair

email: [email protected]





Trever Long


email: [email protected]



James Meskill


email: j[email protected]


Kelly Giebelhaus

Community Board Member At Large

email: [email protected]



Joey Hamilton

Board Member At Large

email: [email protected]