Welcome to Bend Swim Club
We are happy that you have taken an interest in our program and want to welcome you as Bend Swim Club members. During the past years, the Bend Swim Club has provided many rewarding experiences for young swimmers of all ages and ability levels, as well as a place to be mentally and physically challenged in a wholesome environment. By being a part of our competitive swimming program, your swimmers will have the opportunity to fulfill many of their physiological, emotional, and social needs. We are certain that this experience will also help prepare them to become responsible adults.

We hope that you will make an effort to keep informed, assist when necessary, and enjoy the benefits of our successful and growing program.

The values of the Bend Swim Club are unique and cannot be directly compared to any other club. The philosophy of this club incorporates the spirit of the Bend community. The Bend Swim Club shall provide the last line in a well-rounded swimming program and make it a learning experience for those interested in increasing their swimming efficiency beyond that offered the learn-to-swim programs. The club must insure competition at all levels so that each and every child competes at his or her own best level. The Bend Swim Club shall also provide a social experience for children of all ages and provide an atmosphere of camaraderie and cohesiveness while maintaining discipline and physical training.
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