April Dues - Added Clarification

Christopher Pfathenroth

Swim Cub Families,

The following update is in response to our decision to waive April dues.  As our last communication described, we are not invoicing April fees, however, we are collecting the 2nd half of our club registration fee; $75 per swimmer.

We recognize that many want to support our club by paying their April dues on top of their registration fees.  Additionally, some members who have paid annually are wanting to have the April payment go towards their fundraising effort.  It is important for us to share some historical limitations that we run into with our club billing platform Team Unify.  In the vein, here is some information that will help how we are executing this effort:

1.YES.  We will accommodate annual dues members who want their April payment to go towards their fundraising requirement of $500 per family.

2.YES.  You can pay your April dues and support the club by sending a check to our office at:  PO BOX 7136 Bend, OR 97708.

3.YES.  You can help other swim families with their registration fee by sending a check to our office at: PO BOX 7136 Bend, OR 97708. [PLEASE keep this a separate check if you are also paying your April dues]

4.NO.  We are not able to put April dues towards future meets or other Club activities.

5.NO.  April dues cannot be used for any sponsorship opportunities or activities.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our Club. 


Bend Swim Club Board of Directors