Welcome New Familes!

Welcome to the Bend Swim Club Family! We are so excited you’re with us! Swimming is an amazing sport that teaches you to work hard and enjoy the rewards.

It’s a bit challenging at first to figure all this “swimming stuff” out, so I’d love to start with a few common questions we’ve all had. What about all these meets? How do I know what to bring? How do I even know which meet my swimmer should attend? 

First let me say, meets are awesome! This is your swimmer's chance to “show off” all their hard work they’ve put in during practice. Initially, some kids tend to feel a touch intimidated by competition but believe it or not, meets are the time when your swimmer will have the most fun. Friendships are formed, there is tons of camaraderie and hands down most swimmers love these times! So enjoy!

As for the meet you should attend, talk to your coach. I can’t emphasize this enough. Not only does your coach know your child’s abilities but they are extremely familiar with each meet so they can make the best fit for your swimmer. And if you have any concerns (i.e. financial, traveling, etc…) talk to your coach. They understand.

Now once you’ve decided on a competition you need to bring the follow: SOMETHING COMFY TO SIT ON (there is nothing like sitting on a cold bleacher for 5 hoursJ), healthy snacks and drinks for your swimmer, books, and magazines to pass the time for you and books, magazines, iPods, or a DS for your swimmer. There is a lot of time between events. Most meets have snack bars but beware they’re not all created equally so be prepared by bringing some healthy food.

And like I said, enjoy! Some of our best memories of swimming are made at meets.

Now, to stay connected and find out all the rest of the happenings of the Bend Swim Club, you need to log on to the club website. Go to www.bendswimclub.com and on the first page you will see a box in the upper-left hand corner that says “sign in”. Click there, then put in your email information, create a password and voila, you are in! You can manage your account, sign up for auto-pay; find contact information for fellow swim club families, and so much more! Don’t wait, sign up today!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact any of the coaching staff.

Here’s to a great season of swimming -