Bend Swim Club needs your help!

Our team needs to replace its retired officials to host meets and fulfill its obligation to attend events hosted by other clubs.

Officiating is a rewarding way to support the club and your swimmers, a great way to meet connect with other swim parents (from our club and beyond), and a guaranteed way to watch the action from the best seat in the house!

How to get started

[Click this link and complete a quick form] to be added to our training officials contact list - we'll follow up with an invite when future training dates are scheduled.

Will I like being an official?

I think you will.

In my experience as a swim parent, officiating is the best way to attend a swim meet. Officiating is fun and helps maximize the thrill of competitive swimming. I also like the Oregon officials community and have found the people I've met in the process to be friendly, supportive, and interesting.

Thank you -

Robin Kiefer

Secretary | Bend Swim Club | Board of Directors

(and Stroke & Turn Official)