Bend Swim Club needs your help!

Our team needs Stroke & Turn Officials to host meets and fulfill its obligation to attend events hosted by other clubs.

Officiating is a rewarding way to support the club and your swimmers, a great way to meet connect with other swim parents (from our club and beyond), and a guaranteed way to watch the action from the best seat in the house!

Will I like being a Stroke & Turn (S/T) Official?

We think you will.

Officiating is the best way to attend a swim meet as a swim parent. Officiating is fun and helps maximize the thrill of competitive swimming. Also, the Oregon officials community is friendly, supportive, and interesting.

How to start your training

First, attend an Intro Clinic

To sign up for notifications about the next stroke and turn clinic, [Click this link and complete a quick form] to be added to our training officials contact list.

We'll follow up with an invite when new training dates are scheduled.

Then, register With OSI (Oregon Swimming)

After attending the Intro Clinic, proceed with the following steps:

  1.  Visit the Oregon Swimming's Officials Registration and Certification page and complete the "2022 Registration" form - and send the completed form to [email protected] Please do this first as you need it before doing the next two items!
  2. Complete USA Swimming's Background Check (good for 2 years)
  3. Complete USA Swimming's Free Athlete Protection Training (small update yearly)
  4. Complete Free Concussion Training from the CDC or NFHS - Since this is not controlled by, or governed by USA Swimming you can complete training can be done right away; however you should either:
  • send you completion info together with your registration form right off the bat
    - or -
  • wait until you are registered so the OSI office can easliy update your record

Once you have completed registration, you will have your "credentials" available in your USA Swimming account, which you can print and use to attend meets and complete your S/T deck training sessions.


Oregon Swimming Website - Officials Tab 

Select “Training” from drop down and look for “Stroke and Turn” Section


  • Fairness is priority number one. Only call what you see and see what you call. Swimmers always get the benefit of the doubt! 
  • Always think in terms of who, where, how when noting infractions. 
  • Take a picture of your training record after every update. 
  • Don’t worry about asking questions – always be asking questions! 
  • Make sure you read the meet document – it’s full of great info. 
  • Contact the meet ref at least a week, and hopefully 2 weeks ahead of time. Longer for championship meets.
  • Take notes during pre-session and make sure you know your place in rotation and any important protocol.
  • Develop your method to keep track of where you are in the meet (Event/Heat/Jurisdiction/Changes since print).
  • Don’t point or gesture while working S&T. 
  • Don’t discuss calls or issues except in appropriate places. 
  • Make sure you are “Observable and Interruptible” 
  • Keep a running record of your meet activities/expenses to help with progression and year end taxes!

Do you have questions about officiating or need help?

If you have questions or need help, please contact us using our Contact Form.