Parent Code of Conduct


A swimmer's goal can be achieved with a smooth relationship between parent's, coaches, and club officers.  A successful sport experience depends on parents, non-swimmers and guests playing the right role on the parent-athlete-coach team.  Being a member of the Bend Swim Club (BSC) is considered a privilege. Parent/Guardian members of the BSC are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards by displaying good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and proper respect for coaches, swimmers, other parents, and officials.

One of the traditional swim team communication gaps is that some parents feel more comfortable in discussing their disagreements or issues concerning coaching ability, philosophy, or team policies with other parents rather than taking them directly to the person who can directly address their complaints. This approach often results in new problems being created, and rarely resolves the initial problem.  We ask that parents model healthy communication by directing their concerns to the person who can directly speak to or solve the issue at hand. This includes refraining from gossip with other parents and all swimmers, including their own.

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

In order to show positive support and actions towards the Bend Swim Club, its parents, swimmers, coaches, officials and other members in daily activities.

I pledge

  • To demonstrate sportsmanship and show common courtesy and respect to team members, coaches, competitors, officials, and facilities.
  • To discuss with and assist my child in understanding the Swimmer Code of Conduct.
  • To nurture my child in swimming. I will instill an understanding of and appreciation for engagement, curiosity, and vulnerability as outlined in the team handbook.
  • To ensure my child is on time to all practices and meets.
  • To pick my child up from practice on time.
  • To read team communication.
  • To volunteer for home and away swim meets as well as BSC functions and fundraisers.
  • To advise the coaches of any medical problem my child may have.
  • To stay off of the pool deck teaching area during practice. If I must remove my child from practice early, I will do it during a time that is least intrusive. If I must speak to the coach, I will do so only after the conclusion of the scheduled practice times. I will not interfere with the coaches on the pool deck.
  • To support the coaches, their training and their decisions as well as maintain high integrity and respect for their rights and efforts.
  • To demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a respectful manner at meets and practices. I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures towards the coaches, officials, staff, volunteers, and/or any participating swimmer will not be permitted.
  • To never challenge an Officials decision at a meet. If I have a question or concern, I will  discuss it with the coach.
  • To refrain from coaching or instructing the team or any swimmer at practice or meets (from the stands or any other area) or interfering with the coaches on the pool deck while performing their job. I will maintain self control at all times.
  • To notify the coach via email of any anticipated absences from regular practices or meets.
  • To supervise my child during meets.
  • To display appropriate meet behavior.
  • To refrain from conduct deemed 'detrimental to the team'.
  • To refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages during practice or meets is prohibited.
  • To refrain from encouraging or directing the use of performance enhancing drugs or stimulants by an athlete.
  • To refrain from the use of drugs other than those prescribed by a physician while participating in swim team events.
  • To refrain from the use of tobacco or vaping on the pool deck or surrounding areas.

Possession of any item that can be considered a weapon at any team function is prohibited.

Any non-consensual physical contact, obscene language or gesture, or other threatening language or conduct directed towards another Bend Swim Club parent or member, meet official or USA Swimming Coach will not be tolerated.

If you disagree with a coach, a board member, or an official, please speak with them in a private setting. In these conversations, you are making a request that may or may not be negotiated or agreed to.  Resolution may mean that you get what you wanted, but it may not.  Denying a request does not mean that you weren’t heard, it means that the person with the authority to make that decision declined your request.  Please make sure you are addressing your concern to the person who can speak to it directly so it so that it can be appropriately addressed.

  • The board has the authority to govern the organization including fiscal oversight, long term strategy, and the employment of the head coach.  
  • The head coach has the authority to determine the philosophy, vision, mission and objectives of the training and competition program and implement them either directly or through the coaching staff. 
  • The team manager has the authority to implement the billing and policy guidelines for team programs.
  • The meet director has the authority to manage all aspects of hosted meets under the authority of the meet referee, administrative official, Oregon Swimming Inc., and USA Swimming rules.
  • The head age group coach has the authority to set the curriculum and training program for the middle school and elementary school divisions and deliver the program in the day to day practice setting.
  • The assistant coaches have the authority to implement practices in line with the philosophy of the program.

If you would like to discuss these topics, please email the person that can address your concern.  If the concern(s) cannot be addressed over email through explanation of team philosophy, policies or education, then you can request a meeting for discussion and include your reasons for requesting this time.  Meetings are for problem solving on topics both parties agree to engage with, but not to provide an audience for venting.  If you are not satisfied with the feedback, discussion, or decision made, please see the conduct grievance policy.

Any other act, conduct or omission not provided above, which is detrimental to the image or reputation of the Bend Swim Club, USA Swimming, a LCS or the sport of swimming will not be tolerated.

Any behavior or conduct by a parent deemed to be unsportsmanlike, inappropriate or detrimental to the BSC will not be tolerated. Consequences for such unacceptable behavior may include, but are not limited to swimmer suspension and family expulsion as determined by the head coach in consultation with the board.