What should I bring to a swim meet for me and my swimmer?


  • Most Important:
    • Team Approved Swim Suit
    • Extra Swim Cap
    • Extra Goggles
    • Backpack for swimmers to hold everything they'll need for the session.
    • Towels: at least two per day per swimmer. 
    • Warm clothes: Swimmers get cold in between swims and sessions - even in a warm pool area!
  • Folding Chairs: Check in advance to see what spectator seating is available.
  • Fun things to do in between swims - Books, cards, and games help to keep kids occupied while they are waiting to swim. Keep in mind that this is a moist humid area.
  • Sharpie & Pens:
    • Bring a Sharpie pen to write your swimmers event/heat & lane info on their arm.
    • Also bring a highlighter and pen if to mark up your heat sheet.
  • Small amount of cash for heat sheets, snacks, or other items.


Each family is usually allowed to bring a small cooler.

Bring healthy snacks & drinks such as fruit juice, Gatorade, granola bars, yogurt, cereal, sandwiches, cheese, nuts, fruit, etc.

Extra fluids & snacks - Check with Coach to see what they suggest.

Outside Meets

For outside meets, consider the following:

  • Folding Chairs and/or something to sit on. Example: sleeping bag, old blanket, or anything that will be comfortable to sit on. The swimmers will be spending a lot of time on it and sometimes it’s more comfortable to lay down instead of sitting. 
  • Shade or shelter
  • Cooler
  • Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses.
  • Blankets - Again, it is cold in the mornings and in the early evenings, even in the summer.