CST Sponsorship Program

Both individuals and businesses have the opportunity to partner with CST as a sponsor.  Please click on the "Documents" tab to locate the Sponsorship Program form.

CST Annual Fundraising Contract

I agree to participate in the financial well-being of the team.

Short Course fundraising obligation is $250, Long Course is $175, annually $425 all together.

Flex Short Course Fundraising Obligation is $190, Flex Long Course is $135

We hold an annual Swim-A-Thon in the fall, followed by a pancake feed for the kiddos which you as a family can collect donations for, we have it set up to get online donations, and we take direct donations, family members can pledge per lap swam, or just a flat donation.

Your family has the option to participate or not, and you have the freedom to raise the money anyway you like.

You also have the option to pay this obligation off yourself on a monthly basis. If you are on Flex Membership it will be $27/Month, otherwise you will be charged $35/month.