Thank you for your interest in the Chehalem Swim Team! 

Below is information regarding membership with the Chehalem Swim Team. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our Head Coach, Lalanya Fisher  [email protected]

How to join:
A swimmer new to the Chehalem Swim Team must attend a team tryout. Each swimmer interested in joining the team receives a free week of swim in order to be susre the team is a good fit for both parties. During that time, the coaching staff will determine what squad level the swimmer qualifies for.

Chehalem Swim Team Structure
The Chehalem Swim Team is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.  We are a parent-run, coach-led organization.  In order to be successful, the club needs all parents to get involved. Coaches are the only paid employees.  All of your/ dues, fees and time go toward what is needed to support the swimmers. 

The coaching staff are responsible for everything in the pool; tryouts, practice schedules, swimmer placement, dryland and swim training, and choosing events for individual swimmers at meets. They are all USA swimming certified and paid employees of the club.

The CST Board of Directors are responsible for all administrative, business and operational activities of the club. They are all volunteers who put in many hours to ensure our swimmers have every opportunity to compete.


Chehalem Swim Team Squads and Monthly Dues 

The Chehalem Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Chehalem Swim Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes, geared towards challenging each individual and developing them to the best of THEIR abilities.                                                       

Senior Training Groups Monthly Dues Days per week
Senior $150 6 days
HS Recreation $85 3 days


11-14 Age Group Training Groups Monthly dues Days per week
Performance II $125 5 days
Performance I $115 5 days
Development II $105 4 days
Development I $85 3 days
Entry Level $65 2 days


10 and Under Training Groups Monthly dues Days per week
Performance $85 3 days
Development $65 2 days


Precompetitive Training Group Monthly dues Days per week
Precompetitive (All ages) $50 2 days


  • The placement of a swimmer in any squad requires a tryout and coach approval. Swimmer's returning to the team after time away are not guaranteed a spot in the same squad they were in when they left.



CST Training Groups
The following describes the requirements for each respective training group within the Chehalem Swim Team.

This squad is the precompetitive group for Chehalem Swim Team and is for ages 6-12.  Training at this level
consists of learning the core fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke as well as swim team specific skills such as streamlines and flip turns.  Swimmer's in this squad do not compete at meets.
10&U Development - 
This is the entry squad for 10 and unders on to the competitive team.  Swimmer's in this squad will continue to build on the foundational skills of Freestyle and backstroke while being intruduced to breaststroke and butterfly.  
10&U Performance -
The swimmer's in this squad aer legal in all 4 competitive strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.  They either have current Oregon swimming "A" times or are working towards achieving them for their respective age group.
11-14 Entry -
This is the entry squad for 11-14 on to the competitive team.  
Swimmer's in this squad will continue to build on the foundational skills of Freestyle and backstroke while being intruduced to breaststroke and butterfly.  
11-14 Development I - 
There are 2 Development levels for 11-14 year olds on the team.  In Development I, Swimmer's have a basic understanding of how swim sets are run and are working towards buikding a strong aerobic base.  Technique focus is on Breaststroke and Butterfly.
11-14 Development II -
This is the 2nd development group for 11-14 year olds.  Swimmer's in this squad have a solid aerobic base and are able to endure a variety of training sets.  They are legal in all 4 competitive srtokes and have attended meets with legal times recorded in the SWIMS database.
11-14 Performance - 
Currently we have (2) 11-14 performance squads due to the availabilty of pool space.  The swimmer's in each of these 2 squads are working towards or have acheived Oregon Swimming "A" times.  
HS Recreation -
This squad is for HS aged swimmer's who don't want the commitment of 6 days a week of practice but are either preparing for the HS swim season, want to swim for exercise/health reasons or are working towards being in the Senior squad.
Senior -
This squad is for swimmer's who currently have or are working towards Oregon Swimming "A" times.  Swimmer's have a wide base of undersstanding and knowledge of the sport and are striving to achieve high level championship meet standards and swim at the collegiate level.   



Regular Practice Times: 
**Please check the monthly calendar on our website for any adjustments due to holidays, meets, or other events.

Contact Head Coach Lalanya Fisher at [email protected] if you have questions or wish to schedule a tryout with CST.