Thank you for your interest in the Chehalem Swim Team! 

Below is information regarding membership with the Chehalem Swim Team. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact our Head Coach, Erin Fincher.

How to join:
A swimmer new to the Chehalem Swim Team must attend a team tryout or talk to a coach. Each swimmer interested in joining the team receives a free week of swim in order to tryout. The coaching staff will determine what swim level the swimmer qualifies for, and you can contact membership to register.  

All registration is conducted online at:

Chehalem Swim Team Structure
The Chehalem Swim Team is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.  We are a parent-run, coach-led organization.  In order to be successful, the club needs all parents to get involved. Coaches are the only paid employees.  All of your dues, fees and time go toward what is needed to support the swimmers. 

The coaching staff are responsible for everything in the pool; tryouts, practice schedules, swimmer placement, dryland and swim training, and choosing events for individual swimmers at meets. They are all certified and paid employees of the club.

The CST Board of Directors are responsible for all administrative, business and operational activities of the club. They are all volunteers who put in many hours to ensure our swimmers have every opportunity to compete.


Chehalem Swim Team Monthly Dues Schedule

Training Group

Monthly Dues

Part Time Dues

Tiger Sharks



Mako Sharks



Bull Sharks



Thresher Sharks



Hammer Head Sharks



High School



  • The placement of a swimmer in any group requires coach approval. A swimmer returning to the team will initially be placed in the same group he or she was in at the time of their most recent departure.
  • All groups except Leopards have swimming options at least five days/week.
  • Tigers & Makos are also permitted to participate in Saturday morning practices and dry-land training on week days before scheduled swim.  Swimmers in other groups wanting to participate in these training opportunities must obtain coach approval.