Chehalem Swim Team

Outreach Program Policy



The primary goal of the CST Outreach Program is to provide opportunities in swimming to the economically disadvantaged youth in our local community.  The Outreach program has been established to minimize the financial barriers typically associated with the sport of swimming.


The opportunities that a swimming program provides to our youth include:

         •  A structured, supervised learning environment

         •  Building a healthy lifestyle through regular physical exercise

         •  Increased self worth through measurable and achievable personal goals

         •  Participation in a sport program that promotes responsible social behaviors



The CST Board of Directors may approve the use of Outreach Programs funds for athletes that meet the needs criteria defined in this policy. The Outreach program committee will review submitted applications and bring a recommendation to the Board. The applications may be approved by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Board members meeting. This must meet the requirements of the CST bylaws for a quorum Board of Directors.


The CST Outreach Program is subject to the available funds as defined by the CST yearly budget and club financial performance. The amount of the funds is dependent on the number of applicants as well as the continued financial support of our community sponsors. The program may cover the following items as defined by the available funds and approval of the Board at the time of the applications:


1.      Monthly Dues for all eligible family members

2.      OSI Age Championship meet fees, if eligible


All participants in the Outreach Program are expected to complete the requirements as defined at the time of application.


Conditions and requirements:

A.                 Complete CST registration and pay fees

B.                 Participate and raise required fundraising monies..

C.                 Fulfill meet volunteer requirements: Timing at away meets and satisfying home meet sessions requirements set by CST Board of Directors and Meet Director.


Eligibility and requirements:

1.      Applicant’s family must be eligible for the reduced price meal program as published by the Oregon Department of Education.

2.      Only children under the age of 18 or currently enrolled in an accredited high school are eligible to participate.

3.      Applicant must complete and submit the following documentation

a.       A CST Confidential Application

b.      One copy of the most current pay stub

c.       One copy of the most recent W-2, OR one copy of the Free/Reduced Price Eligibility Notification letter

4.      Families requesting Outreach Program assistance must apply for both Short course and Long Course seasonal. It is necessary to contact Outreach coordinator or CST Board of Directors if a families status changes.



CST Outreach Program Policy