Young swimmers may enjoy extended swimming lessons for the summer session through a seasonal membership through the Guppies Program.  The summer program includes group swim instruction five days a week for 60 minutes, four practice "Mini Meets," a seasonal membership, and entry fees for the Big Kahuna Swim Meet. Guppies begin the first Monday after the end of the school year.

Membership dues are assessed on a twelve-month billing cycle. Monthly dues are charged to your account on the first day of each month.

Seniors:           $65.00 per month

Pre Seniors:    $60.00 per month

Advanced:       $55.00 per month

Beginning:       $45.00 per month

Novice:             $40.00 per month


Payment of your invoice balance is due by the 15th of the month.  Please write your child’s name on the payment or return payment with the invoice when returning your payment. You may mail your payment to Gold Coast Swim Team, P.O. BOX 1103, COOS BAY, OR,  97420, or leave payment in the Payment/Suggestion box in the office.  Please make checks payable to GCST. You may also pay online via PayPal.  Find us at
.  Remember to select "friends and family."

When you sign up to attend a swim meet, the entry fees will be billed on your invoice.  Please understand that GCST is paying the host team to sign your swimmer up for any meet you plan to attend.  It is vital to the ongoing finances of GCST that you reimburse the team for your swimmer's meet fees.   BECAUSE GCST IS REQUIRED TO SUBMIT ENTRIES AND MAKE PAYMENTS IN ADVANCE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENTRY FEES EVEN IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THAT MEET.

Swimmers must become members of USA Swimming, which provides your swimmer with secondary liability insurance. The charge is subject to change yearly. This is an annual charge good from January 1 to December 31 of a given year. This will be payable with your first month's dues, and the yearly renewal charge will automatically be billed to your September invoice for the upcoming year. A seasonal USS card is only offered from April to August.