The Gold Coast Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Gold Coast Swim Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of his or her ability.

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Swim Groups

Guppies (Summer swimmers, up to age 12):

Our pre-competitive summer program is for those swimmers that still need to work on learning the basics of swimming.  Swimmers must be water adjusted,  comfortable swimming on their front and backs, and have the ability to swim the length of the pool to be accepted into Guppies. 

There is NO free trial for the Guppies group.

The Guppies program is designed to teach the “grass roots” of swimming, introducing children to the sport of swimming in a fun and positive environment. By combining the teaching of stroke technique and basic competitive racing skills, the young swimmer learns about the fun and excitement of the sport of swim racing. Classes are 60 minutes in length and are taught five days per week for the summer. During the summer, Guppies will be invited to swim in practice "Mini Meets" to prepare for the Big Kahuna Swim Meet at the end of the summer at the Mingus Park Pool.  Upon completion of the summer, swimmers are ready to participate year-round in a competitive swim program, competing as a part of the Gold Coast Swim Team, Oregon Swimming Inc., and USA Swimming.

Novice (New swimmers, up to age 12):
This group is for beginning swimmers, up to age 12, who attend three practices per week.  Practice sessions are dedicated to instruction of the four competitive swim strokes.  Competitive race starts and turn technique are introduced.  Swimmers in this group are encouraged to swim a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule but may elect to swim any three days per week.  Practices last 60 minutes.  Wednesday practices features the famous "Worm Wednesday."  Fridays practices are set aside for free play in the pool,  "Friday Free Day."

Beginner (Age 12 and under):
This group is for swimmers, up to age 12, with increased endurance and technical ability.  Beginner swimmers swim any four days per week.  Practices last 60 minutes and focus 80% on stroke, start, and turn techniques and 20% on endurance training.  Wednesday practices features the famous "Worm Wednesday." Fridays practices are set aside for free play in the pool, "Friday Free Day." 

Advanced (Age 12 and under):
This group is for swimmers who have mastered the four competitive swim strokes and have, perhaps, earned "A" standard qualifying times for their age group.  These swimmers practice every weekday for 90 minutes. Emphasis in this group is 50% on technique refinement and 50% on endurance training.  Practices are more challenging and require increased stamina.  Swimmers should bring a water bottle to practice for hydration.  Advanced swimmers enjoy "Worm Wednesday" and  "Friday Free Day" each week.  Advanced swimmers have a shorter workout, following time for free play in the pool on Fridays.

  Fri   FridaysPre-Senior (Age 13 and over):
This group is for swimmers who are age 13 and over.  Endurance training comprises 80% of the workout, and 20% is spent further refining technique.  These swimmers may practice up to seven times a week, including some mornings and weekends, which could include dry land strength training.  Practices vary in length from 60 minutes to 2.5 hours.  

Senior (Age 13 and over):
Senior swimmers are allowed unlimited practices each week.  Many seniors practice twice a day, before and after school.  Practices vary in length from 60 minutes to 2.5 hours and may include dry land strength training.  Senior swimming emphasizes endurance and strength training 90% of the time with 10% focus on technique adjustment.  This group is for the most accomplished, older swimmers who are highly skilled and competitive. 

Placement in groups and movement between groups is up to the Head Coach, in discussion with the swimmer and his or her parents.


We’re adult fitness swimmers (18 and over) who live all over Oregon's Bay Area. Master Swimmers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, goals, skills, and walks of life. Some have lifetime swimming backgrounds, some have recently started in our adult swimming program, and some are even self-taught. All share a love of swimming and a dedication to fitness through swimming. We welcome fitness swimmers, competitors and triathletes.

Swim practice at the Mingus Park Pool is open to anyone.  The Mingus Park Pool offers weekly practices  – morning, noon and night during lap swim. Practices normally including warm-up, drills, sets, and cool down.  Check the seasonal schedule for exact days and times.

Our coaching staff welcomes all interested swimmers to experience practice and the camaraderie of like-minded athletes. For those wishing to challenge themselves through competition, masters swimming offers plenty of opportunity with meets year-around and open water swims and triathlons in the summer.

The Masters Swimming program operates within the framework of United States Masters Swimming, the national organization that promotes fitness and competitive swimming for adults, and Oregon Masters Swimming, the state branch of the national body. While it is not required to join these organizations to participate in practices at the Mingus Park Pool your local membership into masters swimming can open the door for you to the state, national and international swimming community. Membership in these organizations gives everyone a voice in the direction that masters swimming takes locally and beyond.

MYTH: I’m too slow
No! Lanes are set up by abilities, from beginners to champions.

MYTH: I have to know all the strokes
No! We’ll teach you. We offer instruction in practice and clinics so that you can learn to be a well-rounded swimmer.

MYTH: It’s too high-powered
No! Every swimmer can find an appropriate fitness challenge at every practice.

MYTH: It’s all about competition
No! Some of us compete often, some occasionally, and some never. It’s entirely up to you.

MYTH: I’m not ready.
No! If you can swim 500 yards continuously, you’re ready. So don’t delay!