Steps to Join LGSC

  1. Pass the swim test at Veteran's Memorial Pool by completing the Stingray Level of swim lessons OR by arranging with the pool directly to have your child take the swim test with a lifeguard. The pool's phone numer is 541-962-1347. 
  2. Contact the club's Registrar, Carol Kruse at [email protected] to sign up for a 2-week trial. Two-week trial participants generally swim with Swim School 1 (see "Practice Schedule" tab for details). 
  3. If you have already completed a 2-week trial or wish to skip that step, contact the Registrar to register for USA Swimming through LGSC. As LGSC is a USA Swimming club, all our members are required to be members of USA Swimming. There are several different levels of membership depending on how much of the year the swimmer plans to swim, how many meets the swimmer plans to enter, and the time of year the swimmer is registering. The Registrar can help you choose the best level for your situation. 
  4. Determine which group your swimmer will practice with - new swimmers regardless of age begin in Swim School 1. Returning swimmers generally start back in the same group they were practicing with when they last swam. The Head Coach will move swimmers between groups based on their skills, endurance and the needs of the club. Again, see "Practice Schedule" tab for details. 



Two Week Trial - $25 

USA Swimming Membership - passed thru club to USA Swimming 

  • Annual (full year and unlimited meets) - $81
  • Seasonal (150 days and unlimited meets-not upgradable) - $38
  • Flex (full year, limited to 2 meets - upgradable to Annual) - $15

Monthly Pool Usage Fee - capped at $90 per family 

  • Seniors/Age Group/Dolphins - $30 per swimmer
  • Swim School 1 & 2 and High School Doubles - $25 per swimmer

Monthly Club Fees - $5 off per swimmer per month for 2 or more swimmers 

  • Swim School 1 - $25
  • Swim School 2 - $30
  • Dolphins - $35
  • Age Group - $40
  • Seniors - $50
  • High School Doubles (MWF for 1 hour) - $25 

Scholarships are available for both USA Swimming membership and Club Fees for families that meet the income requirements. The application is available on the "Documents" tab and should be turned into the Treasurer, Kristine.