LOSC Pre-Swim

Welcome to LOSC Pre-Swim Team! Our program is designed for children ages three to eight who are not yet ready to join the team but want to learn the basics of freestyle and backstroke. We offer several levels with small group sizes and wonderful instructors to ensure that each swimmer has a positive experience learning how to swim.


REGISTRATION is completed online via the Swim Lessons tab on the left sidebar.. Payments will be collected through our online portal prior to to the first day of class. Current LOSC swim team members can be billed through their Team Unify accounts.

Pre Swim Team questions can be sent directly to [email protected] Registrations will be reviewed in the order they are received, and your spot is not confirmed until full payment is received.

To ensure effective and safe lessons, groups will be selected based on age, ability, and availability. We reserve the right to cancel or modify groups, move swimmers to appropriate levels, or to change time or instructors at any time, though we work hard to minimize modifications. Classes can not be pro-rated, and no refunds will be offered once the session starts. A refund, minus a nonrefundable $20 registration fee, will be offered for any classes canceled prior to the first day of class.



Levels 1-4 are developed for our 8 & under swimmers, and the descriptions are listed below. If your swimmer has previously participated in LOSC PST, please provide the level they are currently, we will review all placements. Proper placement ensures the best experience for your swimmer and the greatest success for everyone.


Level 1:

This is our entry level group for swimmers who are adventurous but still need assistance and a watchful eye to ensure safety and fun. Swimmers may be nervous or hesitant about doing things in the pool, but are excited to get into the water and are willing to get their face wet. We will be focusing on water comfort, safety and making sure that everyone goes at their own pace to ensure that they enjoy being in the water and begin a lifelong love of playing in the water safely.


Level 2:

This group continues to reinforce good water safety habits and foundational techniques for all four strokes but primarily focuses on freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers should be comfortable in the water and very adventurous. Before entering level 2, swimmers should have the following skills and abilities:

-successfully complete all skills and abilities from level 1

-float on stomach and the foundation of floating on back (even if they still need assistance)

-kicking with assistance

-comfort swimming very short distances on their own


Level 3:

In this group swimmers will continue to work on improving their arm, leg, breathing co-ordination with freestyle and backstroke. They will also be working on putting together arm and leg motions for breaststroke and butterfly, though no previous knowledge of these strokes is required. Before entering level 3, swimmers should have the following skills and abilities:

-successfully complete all skills and abilities from level 1 and level 2

-comfort floating on stomach and back with little assistance

-foundational side breathing in freestyle

-swim half a length of the pool (12.5 yards) with little assistance, using the wall or the coach if needed


Level 4:

Swimmers should be able to successfully perform all skills and drills from levels 1-3 in addition to being able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) with minimal assistance and kick on their front and back with ease. A good understanding of freestyle (including side-breathing) and backstroke is required, as well as prior introduction to breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers will work on competitive racing starts from the blocks as well as streamline kicking on their back. This level is perfect for swimmers working towards transitioning to the Novice swim team group but need to continue to develop their endurance and skills.


Looking forward to seeing you in the pool!!!


*P.S. You don't need to be a current LOSC member to join LOSC Pre-Swim Team! Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you know that might be interested, and thank you! Also, you are welcome to sign up for more than one session!


Please email [email protected] to be added to a waitlist or to be contacted when we launch our next session. See you soon!