Required paperwork:


Sport Team Fee Contract

At the beginning of each short course or long course season, each athlete will need to sign the Sport Team Fee contract.  This will be emailed to each group.  Complete the fillable PDF and email to Cyndy or bring the hard copy and leave it in the envelope on my office door off the 50m pool.  These forms must be turned in within two week from the first day of practice. 

Swim Team Registration

 In September all athletes will need to register with the team and complete the required forms.  This is an online process. 

To register, follow this link


Practice schedule:

The practice schedule is posted on our website including meets and events.

Home page/team calendar/ drop down list for each squad.

The schedule is kept up to date.


Swim Meet Sign up

  1. Meet schedule is posted on the website in two formats.  The first is under the events tab on the home page.  The second is in a calendar version that has additional information with a printable version.  The meets are listed on the practice calendar.  Meet schedules are subject to change.  All meets are scheduled with Oregon Swimming more than a year in advance.  The meet format and details can vary from meet to meet so read the meet information carefully.  Meet information will be posted as soon as it is available.
  2. Meet invitations are emailed out to teams about 6-8 weeks in advance of the meet.  When you receive this invitation you need to respond promptly by accepting or declining the invitation.  We encourage everyone to attend the whole meet for your age group.  Please note in your response if your athlete can only swim on certain days of the meet.  The coach decides what events the athletes swim but you are welcome to add the events your athlete would like to swim. 
  3. Generally the 12 & under athletes compete in the morning session.  The 13 & over athletes swim in the afternoon session.  Friday afternoon sessions are usually the distance events.
  4. Meet entries will be sent out for you to review before being submitted to the host team.  This is the chance to make any changes or correct any errors.  It is important to look over the entries to insure they are correct.
  5. No more entries will be accepted and no changes will be made once the entries are submitted to the host team.  All the entries will be posted to the website for your reference.
  6. The week before the meet we will post the psych sheet, heat sheet, timeline or session report, and any additional information to our website.  We post all the subsequent meet information as soon as we receive it.
  7. Results will be sent out as soon as we receive them.
  8. Sign up your athlete for meets you are able to attend.  If for any reason your coach doesn’t feel that the meet is appropriate for your athlete, they will communicate that to you.


What are time standards?

All athletes begin their careers with C-times.  From there we work to B-times with the goal of reaching an A-time because and A-time qualifies you to go to the state championships. 

Meets are listed as A/B/C meets for everyone.  B/C for the more novice swimmer.  A times are not allowed to compete at a B/C meet.  A/B meets are for the more advanced athlete.  You must have A or B times to compete at this level of meet.  Championship meets will have qualifying times to attend that meet.  Those qualifying times will be listed on the meet information.


Attending Meets:

  • Review the meet information, entries for your athlete, and any additional information.
  • Pack the following items:  team suit, red Mac swim cap, 2 pairs of goggles, towels, warm clothes, footwear, MAC team apparel such as a T-shirt or warm up jacket, healthy snacks, fluids, games or books.  Do not bring electronics to the meet.  We want our athletes engaged in the meet and cheering for their friends.
  • Arrive at the meet as least 15 minutes before warm up begins.  Athletes need to check in with their coach first, then put their gear down and find a place to sit.  We want the team to sit together as much as possible. 
  • Contact your coach if you are going to be late or unable to attend the meet for any reason.  Coaches need to let meet referees now if athletes are a no-show including deck seeded events.  We need to organize relays and make adjustments once athletes have checked in.
  • Athletes need to check in with their coach after each swim.
  • Always check in with your coach before leaving the meet to insure your athlete is finished with their individual events or possible relays.


Meet Results:

The meet officials will send the meet results file to the each of the teams attending the meet and Oregon Swimming.  We will upload the meet results in our data base, calculate the results statistics, and send them out to the families as soon as possible.


Apparel and Equipment:

We are an Arena sponsored team.  You can purchase apparel and equipment through "Swim Outlet" located on our web page.  There is a tab at the top of our page or you can click on the icon at the right banner under Partners.

We also have a relationship with Making Waves located at 10234 SW Parkway in the Cedar Mill shopping center.

Making Waves will come to the club for a team fitting at the beginning of short course (October) and long course season (April).  This will be your opportunity for the best discount on team apparel.  Consider purchasing equipment early so you have it at the beginning of the season.  

Athletes need to provide their own equipment.  The club has a limited amount of equipment to borrow.  Equipment should be stored on-deck in the cubbies at the east end of the pool.  All equipment must be stored in the mesh bag.  Equipment is not allowed to be stored loose.

For Practice:

Competitive cut suit

Swim cap

Goggles – 2 pairs in case one breaks


Fins – floating fins

Pull buoy

Hand paddles -only slightly bigger that your athletes hand – Gold & Silver squads – not Flying M’s

Center mount snorkel – Gold & Silver – not Flying M’s

Mesh bag to keep it all in

Silicone & Latex caps can be purchased at the M-Porium.  Let the M-Porium staff know you are on swim team and they will make sure you get the correct red cap with the white Winged M.

Meet Apparel:

Team suit

2 pairs of goggles

Team swim caps -RED

Team shirt with Winged M

Team warm-up jacket

Championship meet:

Tech suit optional for 13 and over athletes.  12 and under are not allowed to wear tech suits.



Coaches send out weekly updates.  Please go to the website for all information.

Office hours are Monday – Friday 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  We will always try to get back to you within 24 hours.  Email is preferred for non-critical communication.

When traveling to meets you can communicate with us by texting our cell phone.  Text only.  Don’t call unless it’s an emergency.  Don’t email.  Please -respect our personal time by not texting or calling before 8am or after 7pm.  

Cell phone numbers:

Tim Larkin 845-803-1061.​  Cyndy von Weller  503-320-1033. Alex Johnson 503-729-0881.


Snack box:

After practice each athlete enjoys choosing a snack from the snack box.  This is fun for the kids, as they love to dig around for their favorite yummy.  Having a healthy 100-calorie snack within 30 minutes of practice cuts their recovery time in half. 

I invite every parent to contribute to the snack box often.  The kids are pretty good at picking out what they all enjoy.  You can just leave them in my office and I will add to the snack box when needed.  Thank you for your donations.


Mac swim team website:

This is your primary source for information.  You can check on your athlete’s attendance, practice times, events, schedules, records, etc.  Make this your first stop for team or squad information.


Oregon Swimming Website:

This is another valuable source of information.  Especially about other teams and their locations.

USA Swimming:

Portland Marathon:

This is our only fundraiser each year.  We need everyone to volunteer!