Volunteer Jobs at MSC

Volunteers play an important role in our swim club to keep swim meets running smoothly and to help the club operate efficiently. Each swimmer's family is required to volunteer 20 hours during the swim season or pay $15/hour for each hour not met by volunteering.

To sign up for volunteer jobs at swim meets:

  1. On the Home page, locate the Meet Info box in the middle of the window.
  2. The Swim Meet tab should be selected. If not, click the Swim Meet tab to select it.
  3. Either click the meet name or the Job Signup tab shown on the right of the meet name.
  4. If prompted, sign into your account.
  5. The Event Job Signup window opens. Follow the instructions on this window to sign up for a job at the swim meet. A description of each job and its time requirement is listed below.
  6. When you arrive at the meet, sign in with the Volunteer Coordinator so the hours you work are automatically added to your account.

To receive credit hours when lane timing at away meets, please report the hours you worked to the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]

Many thanks to the families who give of their time and talents to help our swimmers. If you have any questions regarding volunteering or the hours required for each swimmer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at  [email protected]

Volunteer Job Descriptions and Time Requirements

Note: Meets are usually divided into two "sessions" so that the 12 and under swim in one session and the 13 and older swim in the next session. A session is about four hours long. Some jobs are for the 4-hour session, some are in 2-hour time blocks, and others have specific time frames.  All volunteer jobs must be completed by an adult, we ask that you don't sign up your swimmers to work.

Set-up for the meet – This occurs during the early afternoon for meets beginning in the evening, and the night before if the meet begins in the morning. It requires moving equipment from the pool deck and arranging everything for the meet.  It may also include helping to set up the timing equipment. Time requirement:  Approximately 2 hours.

Clean-up after the meet – After the meet has concluded we are required to put all the equipment that we have moved back into place for the normal running of the pool, plus pick up trash in the upstairs bleachers. Time requirement:  Approximately 2 hours.

Head of Hospitality – The Hospitality Room is for coaches and officials during the meet. The Head of Hospitality organizes volunteers and oversees operations of the Hospitality Room (back room) during the meet. Time requirement: Before the meet need to organize volunteers and donations. On meet day start about 1-1 1/2 hours before the start of the meet through the end of the meet.   

Hospitality – Work in the Hospitality Room (back room) preparing and setting out food during the day for the coaches and officials, and cleaning dishes. Time requirement: Begin about 1 hour before the meet till the end of the session (morning or afternoon). Usually in approximately 2-hour blocks. 

Runner – Gather timing sheets from each lane at the end of an event and take it to the electronic timers. Time requirement: From the beginning of a session till the last event of the session. Usually in approximately 2-hour blocks.

DQ Slip Runner – Collect the DQ slips from the stroke and turn officials and deliver them to the referee. Time requirement:  From the beginning of a session till the last event of the session. Usually in approximately 2-hour blocks.

Post Results – Get results from the computer entry and post in two locations around pool. Time requirement: From the beginning of a session till the last event of the session. Usually in approximately 2-hour blocks.

Head Timer – Before the meet starts, set up clipboards, pencils, timing sheets, and stop watches at each chair. Verify all stop watches are operational. Monitor timing sign-up sheets and communicate to the announcer how many timers are still needed. Ask announcer to request extra timers for 25-yard events. Be available to answer timing questions and direct timers. During meet, operate two stopwatches and provide them to timers when errors occur. Monitor need for replacement timers and communicate need to announcer. Time requirement: Begin 1 hour before the start of each session till the end of the last event.

Clerk of Course – Organize all relay slips, identify scratches, and check in swimmers for deck seating (usually the 13 and older age group), and provide information to computer entry. Communicate scratches to the Meet Referee. Communicate with announcer to call coaches over for more information. Time requirement: Beginning of warm-ups to the start of the meet.

Head of Bull Pen – Set up the bullpen area during set up and manage all the volunteers during the meet.  

Bull Pen – Checking in the 8-and-under swimmers, walking them to the blocks, and collecting lane number necklaces. Time requirement: Be present in bullpen about two events before the first scheduled 8-and-under event through the last heat of the 8-and-under event.

Deck Marshall – Sitting at the corner of the pool during warm-ups for the safety of the swimmers. Time requirement: From the beginning of warm-ups till the end of warm-ups, and during any additional warm-up breaks throughout the meet.

Deck Monitor – The City’s Liability Insurance Carrier requires that only authorized volunteers, coaches, officials, and swimmers are allowed on the pool deck. The Deck Monitors sit by the entrance to the locker rooms and by the back stairs to prevent unauthorized deck access and hand out deck passes. Time requirement: From the beginning of a session till the end of the session. Usually in approximately 2-hour blocks.

Upstairs Deck Monitor – Monitor upstairs seating that people only stand at the rail while their swimmer is swimming and ask people to please not waste available seating if others are looking for a seat. Time requirement: 1 hour before the beginning of a session to the end of the session. Usually in approximately 2-hour blocks.

Heat Sheet Preparation – Prepare the heat sheet for printing, insert ads, cover, etc.  Job is done the during the week preceding the meet.  

Sell Heat Sheets – Greet visitors and sell heat sheets at the front counter. Time requirement: From the start of warm ups to the end of each session.

Head of Concessions This job requires some purchasing of food items not donated to the concessions area. Help with set up, and clean-up along a with a couple of helpers, the coordinator ensures that tables are set up, coolers are filled with ice, sodas and water, and food is prepared.  S/he ensures that the concessions helpers have everything they need before leaving. Coordinator will check in throughout the meet to ensure the concession workers have supplies they need.   Arrive about 20 minutes before the end of the meet to help volunteers begin cleaning & storing utensils and serving pans, putting away unused and perishable food, and getting ready to break down the concessions area for general pool usage.  Other clean-up tasks include draining the coolers of ice and restoring unsold drinks to the storage area, and cleaning off tables and re-storing them in the swim team storage area.

Concessions – Greet visitors, answer questions, sell food and drinks. Time requirement: 1 hour before the meet starts to the end of each session. Usually in approximately 2-hour blocks.

Announcers – Announce events, results, and general PA announcements throughout the meet. Time requirement: About 1 hour before the meet starts till the end of the meet.  

Awards – Label, organize, and pack ribbons for teams. This is done in the weight room. Time requirement: From the beginning of a session to the end of the session.

Lane Timers – Two timers for each lane (three for 25-yard events) run stopwatches, activate buttons when swimmer touches the wall, and record stopwatch times. This position requires the most volunteers during a meet and is very important as the Lane Timers are the final safety net in case of electronic timing failure. Each swimmer has five timers recording them: the touch pad, the two buttons, and the two stopwatches. Each Head Timer has two stopwatches. If you make a mistake, start too soon, too late, or forget to clear the watch, raise your hand and the Head Timer will bring you a new watch. Time requirement: Typically 2 to 2 1/2-hour blocks. Sign ups for this job are the day of the meet and are located upstairs, posted on the wall. 

Floater – Do any job the volunteer coordinator/meet director needs done during the meet.  

The following jobs require formal training; see job descriptions below for contact information.

Electronic Timers – Set up all the timing equipment, run the clock, and verify swimmer times. Time requirement: Two hours before meet till the end of the session/meet. If interested in training for this position, contact Dave Larmouth at [email protected]

Stroke and Turn Officials/Trainee – Stand by the pool to verify swimmers are using the proper technique. Time requirement: 45 minutes before the start of the meet till the end of the session/meet.