Newport Swim Team
Mission Statement: The Newport Swim Team is dedicated to providing a swim program that emphasizes competitive training and physical fitness. We focus on team unity in a directed positive atmosphere. The organization, in partnership with its families, strives to produce successful members of the community.

NST PARENT CODE OF ETHICS - Signing my child for participation on the Newport Swim Team will serve as my public acknowledgement for unconditional agreement with the below Code Of Ethics.

Parent Code Of Ethics:

I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child as they participate on the Newport Swim Team by following the Parent Code Of Ethics:

  • I will lead by example and display positive sportsmanship for all swimmers, coaches, officials, and other team parents at every swim meet, practice or other team related events.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of my personal desire to win.
  • I will insist that my child swim, compete or engage in club activities in a safe and healthy environment. Therefore, I will not use drugs, tobacco, or alcohol during any club sponsored activities.
  • I will not use offensive language while at meets or during practice times to discuss issues or problems concerning the "coaching" of my child.  Instead I will schedule a separate time to talk, privately and respectfully, with the coaching staff.
  • I will have my swimmer to practice and to meets on time with all of his/her gear and ready to participate.
  • I will pick my swimmer up promptly at the end of practice.
  • I understand that my swimmer is not to be in the water before the designated practice start time. Should my swimmer arrive early, after dressing out, my swimmer(s) is to sit in the designated area and refrain from running around and causing a disruption or distraction.
  • I will be responsible for the other friends and family members who come with me/ my family to support the swimmer and make sure they also abide by the code of ethics.
  • I will remember that the swim meets are for the youth, not for the adults.
  • I will remember that my child participates not only to experience and develop competitive swimming skills, but also to learn new life skills, make friends and have fun!
  • I will treat other swimmers, team parents, coaches, fans, and meet officials with respect regardless of race, religion, creed, or ability and will demand this in my swimmers as well.
  • I will NOT interfere with any regularly scheduled swim practices or swim meet warm- ups. I will refrain from disciplining, admonishing, correcting, and or "coaching" my swimmer or other team swimmers.
  • I understand that parents, guardians and anyone who is not OSI registered are not to cause a disruption or distraction of practice sessions.  I understand that should my presence or the presence of anyone who is with me become a distraction the coaching staff will notify the board and the board will address the issue.  If an amicable resolution is not reached or the problem continues the individual causing the distraction will not be allowed to attend practices. 
  • I understand that once a swimmer has signed up to attend a swim meet and the team has incurred the meet fees for that swimmer, I am responsible for said meet fees whether my swimmer attends the event or not. The fees will be charged to the swimmer's account and are due with the appropriate month's payment.
  • I understand that billing takes place on the first (1st) of every month and that payments are to be received no later than the 10th of each month. 
  • I understand that swimmers with overdue balances of 15 or more days may not sign-up for or attend swim meets (including time trials). Swimmers with overdue balances of 60 days may not attend swim practice.
  • I understand that no matter how many days per month my swimmer(s) swims, my swimmer has the option to attend all practices and therefore I am responsible for the full months fee.  There are no pro-rated fees.
  • I understand that the Newport Swim Team shares publically about its swim team and programs with the community. This includes press releases to the news media, postings on the team's web page and social media sites. I understand that my signature gives permission for my child's first and last name and photo/image to be used by the Newport Swim Team staff and the news media for non-commercial purposes.


Procedures for Infractions

Level 1: Coach talks with parent/guardian

Level 2: Written letter from the Board President.

Level 3: Suspension from participation at swim practices and swim meets for a specified length of time to be determined by the Board President