Volunteer Requirements

We are a volunteer-run organization. For that reason, and to encourage the involvement of families, we require each family to work a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 hours per year except for Developmental Squad. If a participant registers with the club mid-year these hours will be pro-rated.


These hours can be completed by the athlete, family, or friends.


Members who receive club scholarships are required to work a minimum of 35 volunteer hours per year. 


Any volunteer hours that have not been completed by July 31st of each year will be billed in August at a rate of $15 per hour.


Volunteer hours must be submitted using our online form under the Volunteer/Fundraising tab.  Here is a link to that form as well. This must be done on a monthly basis to receive credit for hours worked.


This obligation is separate from and in addition to the fundraising obligation.


Please keep in mind these are minimums-and any additional time contributed and submitted benefits BCAC in many ways.




Learners   .5
Dreamers   1
Planners   1
Achievers #1   1.5
Achievers #2   2
Performance   2

Full year runs September - June


Novice 14U   1
Intermediate 14U   1
Senior 18U   2

Full year runs February - July

The annual volunteer obligation may be changed by vote of the board of directors once each year.

Volunteer hours must be submitted using our online form under the Volunteer/Fundraising tab.  Here is a link to that form as well. 


Volunteering is easy. BCAC provides many opportunities to earn volunteer hours and extended family may help fulfill your annual requirement, which can make volunteering an enjoyable time. Volunteers are recruited primarily through sign-up opportunities posted on the team website. The Volunteer Coordinator compiles information on volunteer opportunities and ensures that information on volunteer needs is circulated to the team.


A couple things that would be a HUGE help is listed below.  They are great ways to help the sport and an easier way to get volunteer hours.

Timing at Home and Away Swim Meets

Timing is an important part of any swim meet.  Hand timers provide a crucial back-up in case the electronic timing system malfunctions.  Timers get an excellent view of the action, and it is a good way to get to know other parents.  Timing swimmers at meets counts for the annual volunteer obligation.  Parents and family members are encouraged to time at each meet where their child swims, even after their timing maximum has been reached because most swim meets will not continue without enough timers.


Certified, volunteer officials ensure that competition at meets is fair and equitable for all swimmers. USA Swimming and OSI require that a number of officials work at each sanctioned meet so that swims and times may be recorded as official. BCAC needs volunteers to become officials (by taking a short clinic and working on deck at meets as trainees) and to volunteer to officiate at meets. Active officials have no trouble fulfilling their volunteer hour obligations.

Certification costs are covered by the official trainee, but the club will reimburse the cost and all hours are accepted by BCAC as volunteer hours.  All fees are tax deductible under OSI, as applicable.  Please check with your tax consultant.

Meet officials include:

  • Stroke and turn judges (S&T)
  • Electronic timing officials (ET)
  • Starters
  • Referees

Official Certification Process

Officials Training Information

Register as an Official