How to Join Oregon City Swim Team

A swimmer new to OCST must attend a tryout which is available throughout the year.

Please contact Coach Matt by filling out the following form:  New Swimmer Information

If you are interested in our Masters Team (OCST Tankers), please click HERE.

The Oregon City Swim Team believes that a successful program must have a sound financial base. The team is financed by monthly membership dues, a variety of fundraising activities, swim meet income and our annual Swim-A-Thon. It is each member's responsibility to timely pay monthly dues and to participate in team sponsored fundraising events. These monies are used to by OCST to support its programs, including paying for professional coaching staff, meet travel expenses, equipment, pool rent and other expenses incurred in providing a successful competitive swimming program.
An initial registration fee of $30.00 is due from new members when all paperwork is turned in and before the swimmer is allowed to participate in team programs. The registration fee covers team cap and T-shirt and is non-refundable. A re-registration fee of $30.00 will be accessed to any member that leaves the team for any period longer than 30 days. 1st month dues of $45 is collected at the time of registration regardless of when a swimmer is registered to swim.
USA Swimming Membership is an annual fee that is paid by new members when they join and is assessed annually in September for each continuing member.  USA Swimming membership costs $74.00 (July. 1, 2019-Dec. 31, 2021) and includes liability insurance and secondary accidental medical protection and allows for participation in all USA Swimming sanctioned and approved competitions.
Monthly invoices can be viewed online by logging in to the OCST website. The monthly bill consists of monthly dues, meet entry fees and travel expenses and any other charges from equipment and/or apparel purchases. Payment is made through mandatory electronic payment on the 1st of each month. Failure to timely pay OCST invoices can result in your swimmer being excluded from participation in OCST programs and activities.
If you have a concern or question about your bill please send an email to [email protected]. Questions and/or concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.
COVID MONTHLY DUES (Current as of 5/1/21)
Dues are being adjusted for the Month of May as Clackamas County is moving back into the Extreme Risk category, t he dues structure for May 2021 will be as follows:
Groups 1 & 2  $70 (Molalla Novice & Explore)
Groups 3 & 6  $80
Group 5  $90 (Molalla Sprint/Race)
Group 7 $100
If this does not work for you please fill out the appropriate form ( 30 day leave or extended withdrawal).
Based on changes required due to COVID, adjustments have had to be made to account for increased pool expenses and changes to group configurations and numbers of swimmers, the following rates are for full pool access to Oregon City Swimming Pool and Mollala Aquatic Center respectively and were valid for April 2021. 
Group  Monthly Dues per swimmer
OC Pool  
Group 1 $95.00
Group 2 $105.00
Group 3 $130.00
Group 5 $140.00
Group 6 $150.00
Group 7  $215.00
Molalla Pool  
Novice Group 1 $95.00
Explore Group 2 $105.00
Sprint/Race Group 3 $140.00

Monthly dues are based on the amount of practice time offered and commitment level of each group. Those families with more than one swimmer (excluding Masters) are eligible for discounts off Monthly Dues. The highest level swimmer pays full dues. The second swimmer gets a $10.00 deduction each month and the third swimmer gets 75% off the remaining balance of dues of the least expensive training group.
Group  Monthly Dues per swimmer   Fundraising per swimmer per year   Service hours per family per year
Novice (Pre-comp) $68.00 $100 8 hr
Explore (Red)  $79.00 $100 24 hrs
Sprint (White) $96.00 $100 24 hrs
Race (Blue)  $106.00 $100 24 hrs
Train (Silver) $117.00 $100 24 hrs
Performance (Gold)  $131.00 $100 24 hrs
Fitness $82.00 $100 0 hr
Challenge $97.00 $100 0 hr
Masters $56.00 $0 0 hr
All swimmers are EXPECTED to participate in OCST's annual Swim-A-Thon fundraiser and raise a minimum of $100 each year to help support OCST's programs. Swimmers that do not raise the minimum will be charged the difference on their account at the conclusion of the Swim-A-Thon fundraising period. 

OCST is a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers for operation. Without the help of volunteers, it would be impossible to meet the administrative duties of the team. For that reason, OCST families (with swimmers in the Explore/Red through Performance/Gold groups) are expected to serve volunteer hours annually. Effective October 1, 2017 OCST families (with swimmers in the Explore through Performance groups) are expected to serve 24 hours of time annually. Effective October 1, 2017 OCST families (with swimmers in the Novice group) are expected to serve 8 hours of time annually.

Service hours can be earned by helping out the team in a variety of ways. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Be an Official or a Board Member
  • Help out at OCST home meets by timing, concessions, runner, awards, etc.
  • Time at hosted meets attended by OCST
  • Help secure scoreboard sponsors or donations
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Help organize annual events such as the Swim-A-Thon or Awards Banquet
  • Help organize and distribute SAT prizes
  • Help coordinate team apparel ordering and distribution

Members’ service hour obligation for the year runs from October 1 through September 30. All service hours worked must be logged by members in the online form. Service hours not logged online may not be counted toward the annual obligation. Throughout the year, you can monitor your volunteer activity on OCST’s website under the My Account section, then My Invoice/Payment. OCST confirms service hours from the online form on a quarterly basis. If families are unable to meet the volunteer requirement, they are expected to buyout these hours at a rate of $20.00 per hour at year end or upon leaving the team.

In summary, service hours are currently 24 (8 for Novice) hours per family per year billed out at $20/hr.