What is the Swim-A-Thon? 

The USA Swimming Swim-A-Thon is OCST’s major fundraising event for the year, and it involves all of our swimmers coming in on a Saturday in April/May to swim up to 200 laps, or as many as they can in 2 hours. Funds raised during the Swim-A-Thon benefit all Oregon City Swim Team members by helping to offset dues so we can keep dues low for our members, support our coaching staff, provide critical funds for the facilities we use, and enable OCST to acquire equipment we need to practice and compete.

How does the Swim-A-Thon generate funds? 

The concept is simple. All  swimmers  in squads Novice through Performance, including Fitness and Challenge, at both OCST and OCST-South are required to participate and raise a minimum of $100 Each swimmer works on a letter campaign to solicit donations or pledges from friends, family and local businesses, even doctors and dentists, to sponsor them in their goal to swim 200 laps (either a flat amount or a pledge per lap). Donors can make an online credit card donation or they can give the swimmer a check payable to OCST. Each swimmer will be able to create a personalized Swim-A-Thon page on the OCST.net website to easily use Facebook and other social media platforms to solicit donations. There are some amazing incentive prizes offered each year for top fundraisers.
*Swimmers who do not raise the minimum $100 will have the difference charged to their accounts.

What can I expect during the Swim-A-Thon? 

Swimmers show up on a Saturday at their scheduled time prepared to SWIM! Swimmers need to bring someone along to count their laps while they swim. Swimmers have 2 hours to swim as many laps as they can. When finished, OCST hosts a pancake breakfast for all swimmers. If swimmers are unable to participate the day of the Swim-A-Thon, we may plan a Swim-A-Thon make up session.

How can parents help with the Swim-A-Thon? 

Parents play an important role in our Swim-A-Thon. You can help use your social media platforms to seek out donations for your swimmers. You can help your child(ren) prepare and address envelopes to mail to family, friends, and businesses. We have many volunteer opportunities! Parents or older siblings can volunteer to help with Donation Letter Writing day, help organize, make and serve the Pancake Breakfast, and the treasurer will likely need help once donations start coming in!

Learn more about what a Swim-A-Thon entails: Official information at USA Swimming site