Jan 7th Schedule and Swimfo

OCST Coach Matt


Happy New Year!  We trust you had some quality time this holiday season with your family and are excited for what lays ahead 2020!  As we step into the New Year there is a natural time for reflection on the past and a looking ahead at the future.  Make sure you read the below notes on the schedule and other quick hits.

Instead of thinking about a resolution for 2020 I would like you to take a little time to commit to an intention for the coming year.  You could do this as a parent or with your family or with your swimmer.  

Michael Gervais from Finding Mastery and the Seattle Seahawks sports performance consultant says this:

“This type of focused commitment quite literally is “the path” of mastery.

Here are three steps to practicing intention.

The first step is to make the commitment visible in your life.  Post it on your fridge.  Make it your screen saver.  Get a tattoo, though that can be problematic if your intention changes.  Make your intention part of your visual landscape.

Next, practice it every morning.  Wake up and connect to your intention.  Ask yourself, “What do those word(s) mean to me today?”  Notice the emotions the intention stirs up.  Observe where those emotions are located in your body.  Pay attention to the thoughts that spring from exploring your intention.  Imagine what it would look and feel like as you exercised that intention throughout specific parts of your upcoming day.  Be detailed with your imagination.

Lastly, recognize and celebrate when your intention and actions are aligned.  Something as simple as a quiet little grin is all that’s needed.”

For me I am going to choose to make this the year of JOY.  Feel free to joyfully call me out when I may be loosing site of joy.


  • High School Dual meet makes for some tweaks to the schedules when there are HS Dual meets at their home pools.  Molalla has home dual meets on January 8th, January 15th, February 5th, and February 14th.  Oregon City has home dual meets on January 9th, January 16th, and February 6th.  
  1. When Molalla has dual meets we encourage those swimmers to come up to Oregon City for practice if they can make it.  
  2. On the Thursday’s Oregon City High has home dual meets we will have the following schedule: Race, Train & Perform 5:00 – 6:30 at Molalla, Sprint & Fitness 6:00 – 7:00 PM at Oregon City Pool.  OC Explore swimmers could go to the Molalla Explore practice.  

Let me know if you have any schedule questions.


Coach Matt