Swimfo Jan 15th

OCST Coach Matt


We hope that the holiday break was restful and a great break from the normal work/school scramble.  As swim coaches we ramped up, and created a framework to get some exceptional training done for the Sprint, Race, Train, and Performance swimmers.  For the younger, explore/ novice or 9 and under swimmers, we encourage a little pause, as we never really want practices to be a burden but rather an opportunity!  As swim coaches we are not just working on helping kids win in the water.  We are really looking at helping them learn how to be successful in life.  I thought about this as I read Coach Vern Gambetta’s blog on “What makes Champions?”  If you have time I suggest stopping and taking five minutes to read about his experience in coaching and observing champions.  One quote that stands out to me is the following, The biggest commonality that I have seen is that champions chose. Yes, you read that correctly, they chose to be champions. They make champions choices. The choices at times are very simple and clear and other times difficult and uncomfortable.”   I’d like to encourage you as parents to just help your athletes pay attention to the choices they are making.  These choices mark the path of excellence.  Every day they are tasked with YES and NO choices?  Do I go to practice?  Do I give great effort?  Do I help my teammates out and bring out their best or am I just in it for myself?  Helping build an awareness of these choices will be invaluable not just in the pool but in school and life!


Schedule info:

  • High School Dual meet makes for some tweaks to the schedules when there are HS Dual meets at their home pools.  Molalla has home dual meets on January 15th, February 5th, and February 14th.  Oregon City has home dual meets on January 16th, and February 6th.  
  • When Molalla has dual meets we encourage those swimmers to come up to Oregon City for practice if they can make it.  
  • On the Thursday’s Oregon City High has home dual meets we will have the following schedule: We strongly encourage those Race, Train & Perform swimmers that are not in a HS dual to make the 5:00 – 6:30 practice at Molalla, Sprint & Fitness 6:00 – 7:00 PM at Oregon City Pool.  OC Explore swimmers can go to the Molalla Explore practice.  

Let me know if you have any schedule questions.


Coach Matt