IMPORTANT OCST Swimfo March 23rd

OCST Coach Matt


We trust that you are all healthy and well, as we lay low in response to this pandemic.  It seems like so long ago practice was cancelled, yet it has only been a little over a week.  Coaches have had a lot of discussions in the background of how we can best support families in these times.  First and foremost, no April dues will be charged to any families due to the unforeseen circumstances.  In the meantime we are working on setting up a schedule of practices on ZOOM (an online video-chat service) so we can come together and connect.

Just because we cannot come together and swim does not mean that we are unable to grow together.  We are a positive community that supports each other on the path to success.  So how do we define success right now?  Team values are dedication, respect, integrity, fun, and teamwork; how do we live those values now?  Can we turn this into an opportunity to grow in ways that we would not have taken the time to in our normal rhythms of life?  We think that’s possible, and are ready to step onto the path of learning with this community.  Thank you for your patience and support as we transition into this new experience.


Moving forward we will be having online ZOOM practices led by coaches.

OC Early Novice – Coach Rachael

OC Early Explore, Late Explore, and Late Novice – Coach Josh

OC Early Sprint, Late Sprint/Fitness and Race – Coach Ben

OC Train, Perform and Challenge – Coach Matt

Molalla Novice, Explore, and Sprint – Coach Al

These practices will be an opportunity for your athlete to connect with their friends, share their experiences, workout together, learn from others, and return to some kind of normalcy and routine.  Access a form here, to help us better gage community needs.  We will make a schedule based on this feedback.  Feel free to also email us with any thoughts, concerns or needs as well.


We are a family dedicated to helping each other become our best, let’s keep growing and come back stronger.


Your OCST coaches