Swimfo April 13th

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We trust you are healthy and well.  We look forward to the time when we can all come together again around the water.  For now we are continuing to connect and serve as best as we can.  Many are probably getting more than their fair share of electonic communication but we wanted to share some key information with you as we move forward.  If your athletes are older please forward this to them. 

  1. Feedback is critical, and while we are all dealing with new experiences and modes of operation, hearing from parents how we can best serve you will allow us to modify and refine our scheduling.  We are holding two small group Parent Q&A's.  Parents can ask about our goals right now and we can find out how to best serve you.  We are doing these on April 14th, and 16th from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.  The meeting does not have to go that long but we wanted to provide an opportunity to listen and talk with parents.  Email Coach Matt if you are interested in participating in either of those days.
  2. We are intentionally creating work-outs for swimmers to work on.  These remain 100% optional because we cannot supervise athletes during this time.  However, putting these together does take a substantial amount of time and there are goals that we have for the different levels of swimmers.  When we come back together there will be an expectation on the the level of general fitness each swimmer arrives back at the pool with.  We honestly think this is a great way for families to work out together and grow in ways they may not have before.  If it is too easy, add a little extra and if it is too hard then pull off a little bit.  They do not need to DO the workouts but please look over and get a sense of what is being asked of your athlete and help them be physically prepared when we are given the all clear to trian together again.  Check your email for links to workouts.
  3. This Tuesday at 1:00, Coach Al is hosting a Zoom reading of Thinking Body, Dancing Mind by Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang.  This builds off of the visualization practice we did before and is a great way for athletes to learn to connect their body and mind in more powerful ways, check your email for a link. 
  4. We will likely be having an ALL-TEAM MEETING some time in the next couple of weeks.  Please be prepared to participate in that.

Our hearts are with you all as we move through this pandemic together.  

Your OCST Coaches