Explore (Red Group)
This is our Learn to Compete level and is available at both OCST (Oregon City) and OCST-South (Molalla) . Here swimmers will explore concepts and ideas of the competitive side of swimming and will be ready to attend swim meets. These swimmers know all four competitive strokes, and while much of the work is technique-based they will begin to be introduced to training principles. Learning how hard work and fun go hand-in-hand is a big part of an Explore swimmer’s experience. Swimmers at this level will gain a better understanding of their strengths in the water, and learn to foster their weaknesses in order to make themselves as well-rounded a swimmer as possible. The exploration they will be experiencing is one of self-discovery: some of the goals of Explore are to learn their potential, test their limits, and conquer new and exciting challenges in the sport of swimming; to be the best version of themselves they can. OCST offers Explore 3-5 one hour practices per week. Additionally a 10-30minute dryland session is included either before or after each practice depending on the day of the week. Average age of Explore swimmers ranges from 8 to 12.
Criteria for Advancement from Explore to Sprint Expectations while in group
  • All legal strokes
  • Coach's permission
  • Ready to attend meets
  • Pay attention
  • Follow Coach's instructions
  • Try your best
  • Average attendance at 3 practices per week
  • Attend 2 meets per season

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The following swim equipment/gear is required for each Explore swimmer:

  • Swimmer snorkel (Finis or Ylon-a)
  • Pull buoy (Youth size)
  • Finger paddles (Speedo Biofuse or FINIS sculling, youth)
  • Fins (Floating fins)

Gear can be purchased either from SwimOutlet.com or Making Waves