Fitness and Challenge
At OCST, we know that not everyone who loves the water finds value in competition, or wants to commit to training every day of the week. This group is designed for athletes that want to swim for more recreational or general fitness reasons or to compliment a primary sport outside of the water without having the same time commitment expectations as swimmers who are on a more long-term competitive track. If an athlete wants to be a part of the competitive side of things, as a Fitness swimmer you can compete in any home meets or fun meets that we do throughout the year. And if at any time Fitness swimmers want to be more serious about the sport, they can slide over to the appropriate level squad for their speed and age (space permitting) with the intent to meet the commitment level expected of that group. Fitness meets only three times a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes water time, with an optional 30 minute dryland session beforehand.
This group is tailored to the High-school-aged swimmer—or Middle-school-aged swimmer at a Race group level—who have multiple responsibilities in life beyond the pool and are unable to make the full competitive track commitment detailed in the Race, Train and Performance groups, but wish to continue a training regime to maintain their swimming fitness. Challenge swimmers may compete in any meets throughout the year that are not travel meets, or meets with qualifying standards, including Championships. If a member of the Challenge group is willing to take on the larger full-time commitment required of their age/skill level appropriate group, they can slide over to the competitive track (Race, Train or Performance) with the intent to meet the commitment level expected of that group (space permitting). OCST provides one hour of water time up to five days a week and pre-practice dry land activities three times a week.