Novice (Pre-comp)
This is our Learn to Swim level and is available at both OCST (Oregon City) and OCST-South (Molalla). The minimum requirements are the ability to swim, unassisted, one length of the pool freestyle and one length backstroke, and to have a love of the water. In this group swimmers will learn the basic technique of the four competitive strokes, develop diving skills, and be introduced to something we call Sensory Swimming in which athletes learn to ‘listen’ and pay attention to how their body and the water responds to stimulus. At this level, the goal is to better familiarize each individual with coordinated movement in the water so they can become comfortable and confident swimmers. OCST offers Novice swimmers 3 practices per week, 45 minutes each, all year round. Average age of Novice swimmers ranges from 5 to 11.
Criteria for Advancement from Novice to Explore Expectations while in group
  • 25 back
  • 25 free
  • Come to practice
  • Pay attention
  • Follow Coach's instructions

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The following swim equipment/gear is required for each Novice swimmer:

  • Fins (Floating Fins)

Gear can be purchased either from or Making Waves