Race (Blue Group)
This is our Learn to Train level and is available at OCST (Oregon City) . At this level swimmers begin to spend more time on training sets and building endurance while still emphasizing technique. Race swimmers will learn to set personal and team goals, develop seasonal strategies for competitive and personal success, and learn ways to lead balanced and healthy lives both in and out of the pool. As expectations and intensity increases, so does the necessity for a greater time commitment and sacrifice to the sport of swimming. For this reason it is important for Race swimmers to learn how to balance their busy lives in order to experience continued success both on the pool deck and in their personal lives. While many can continue being dual sport athletes, in Race is where swimmers will decide to take themselves to the next competitive level and begin to specialize in the sport of swimming. Additionally, a more intense dryland program is introduced to supplement conditioning and improve functional movement as a greater physical load is put upon Race athletes. Practices are six days a week and range from an hour and fifteen minutes to 2 hours, with 30-40 minute dryland sessions 4-5 a week. Average age of Race swimmers ranges from 11-15.
Criteria for Advancement from Sprint to Race Expectations while in group
  • 300 kick under 7:00
  • 400 free under 7:00
  • 4x50 free (2:00<:45
  • Coach's permission 
  • Avg 70% attendance and 3 meets per season with Sprint
  • Competed in 100 of all strokes & 200 IM
  • Demonstrate a team-oriented quality of character on/off deck
  • Over 75% attendance
  • Pay attention
  • Follow Coach's instructions
  • Recall times and cycle counts 4 x 50
  • Set goals and work towards them
  • Attend 4 meets per season

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The following swim equipment/gear is required for each Race swimmer:

  • Swimmer snorkel
  • Pull buoy
  • Finger paddles
  • Fins (Floating fins)
  • Kick board
  • Jump rope

Gear can be purchased either from SwimOutlet.com or Making Waves