Sprint (White Group)
This is our Learn to Race level and is available at both OCST (Oregon City) and OCST-South (Molalla) . While Sprint swimmers are continuing to work on stroke mechanics, a solid amount of practice is devoted to some training aspects and racing strategies. These swimmers will begin to learn more advanced training skills, like remembering times, checking their heart rate, counting strokes, and following the pace clock. Through these training techniques, Sprint swimmers will learn the love and exhilaration of Speed as they discover new and exciting ways to achieve their potential. With the increased intensity of this group, what becomes necessary is a greater understanding of the commitment and sacrifice required to achieve whatever goals you may have, as well as the important role teamwork plays in accessing personal potential. These swimmers are expected to work hard and give their best, not just for personal growth but also for love of Team. Practices are six days a week and range from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours and include a 10-30 minute dryland session as a part of the practice. Average age of Sprint swimmers ranges from 10 to 13. 
Criteria for Advancement from Sprint to Race Expectations while in group
  • All legal strokes
  • Legal IM transitions
  • 400 continuous swim
  • Legal turns & dives
  • Coach's permission
  • Average 60% attendance and 2 meets per season with Sprint
  • Competed in 50 of all strokes & 100 IM 
  • Pay attention
  • Follow Coach's instructions
  • Try your best
  • Over 65% attendance
  • Recall times and cycle counts 4 x 25
  • Set goals and work towards them
  • Attend 3 meets per season

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The following swim equipment/gear is required for each Sprint swimmer:

  • Swimmer snorkel (Finis or Ylon-a)
  • Pull buoy (Youth size)
  • Finger paddles (Speedo Biofuse or FINIS sculling, youth)
  • Fins (Floating fins)

Gear can be purchased either from SwimOutlet.com or Making Waves