Train (Silver Group)
This is our Learn to Perform level and is available at OCST (Oregon City). Swimmer’s in Train have shown a commitment to swimming and are well versed in technique and race strategy. Here they are expected to set goals, demonstrate self-discipline and regularly attend practice. In Train, success is measured by the content of one’s character as the training challenges presented strain limits and the stiffness of competition intensifies. In Train, what is fostered is pairing a positive attitude with great effort to unlock personal and team success, and a greater understanding of what kind of personal sacrifice is necessary to perform at the highest level they can. The dryland program increases its strength and conditioning elements becoming more of an integral piece to the training regime rather than just a supplement. Practices are six to eight days a week depending on the time of year, and range from an hour and a half to two hours with a daily 30-40 minute dryland session. Average age of Train swimmers ranges from 12-16.
Criteria for Advancement from Race to Train Expectations while in group
  • 1:30 aerobic base
  • 1:00 kick base
  • 8x100 IM (2:00)
  • 4 12 yr old A times
  • Coach's permission 
  • Avg 75% attendance and 4 meets per season with Race
  • Demonstrate a team-oriented quality of character on/off deck
  • Over 85% attendance
  • 10x100 free (1:30)
  • Recall times and cycle counts 6 x 50
  • Set goals and work towards them
  • Attend 5 meets per season

See coach for evaluation information.

The following swim equipment/gear is required for each Train swimmer:

  • Swimmer snorkel
  • Pull buoy
  • Finger paddles
  • Fins (Floating fins)
  • Kick board
  • Jump rope

Gear can be purchased either from or Making Waves