Withdrawal from OCST

(updated 6/7/16)

  • If a member determines that it is in the best interest of their swimmer(s) to withdraw from participating in OCST programs, the member must submit a completed Withdrawal Form at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of withdrawal. 
  • If member fails to give fifteen (15) days’ prior written notice of intent to withdraw from the Team, member will continue to be responsible for membership dues.
  • Upon receipt of a Withdrawal Form, OCST will calculate any remaining fundraising or service hours owed by the member through the date of withdrawal and will provide the member with a close out statement indicating amounts due to close out the swimmer’s account with OCST. If a member's 15-day notice period ends prior to the Annual Fundraiser, Swim-a-thon™, then there will be no fundraising obligation.
  • All amounts are due OCST no later than the last day of participation on the Team.