Sweet Home Swim Club is a locally run non-profit age group swim club that has been producing local, state, national and collegiate level swimmers for over 50 years. Our club generally has anywhere from 30-50 swimmers, ages 7-18 competing at different levels locally and nationally. Sweet Home Swim Club has won numerous Individual State Championships on the club level as well as at the High School level. Sweet Home Swim Club has also seen numerous swimmers who have gone onto compete as college student-athletes, as well as qualifying for Olympic Trials.

Sweet Home Swim Club has operated on affordable monthly dues and donations from the community for decades. This club has been a great investment into the community of Sweet Home.   Over the years It has helped many student athletes earn athletic scholarships for higher education. Many of these swimmers have returned to Sweet Home and settled in our town to become involved and active members of our community.   Supporting SHSC is a great investment into the future of Sweet Home. 

Swimmers pay dues each month to participate in the club’s program. We have been extremely blessed to have had coaches working for far less than most swim clubs we compete against. All our monthly dues go to paying our coaches and the operating costs of our team.  Donations are needed to help cover monthly pool rental costs, training equipment, coaches continued certifications, and their travel costs for swim meets.  

We are asking local community members and businesses to invest in the club’s future and make a tax-deductible donation to Sweet Home Swim Club.  

As a corporate sponsor of our club we would like to thank you with the following recognition of your business’s generosity:

Bronze:  $500

Silver:  $1,000

Gold:  $2,500

Platinum:  $5,000

Legacy donor: $10,000+

Bronze: name on bulletin board as sponsor, social media shout out. 

Silver: bronze benefits plus logo/business name on signage to be displayed in the pool

Gold:  Same as above plus larger name on signage to hang in pool, sticker on starting block 

Platinum: Same as above, plus business name/logo as team sponsor on club t-shirt.

Legacy: Same as above plus mats with business names on logo in front of starting block. Name on swim club record board.   



Rachel Tyler

Fundraiser Coordinator

Sweet Home Swim Club