Swim Zone Swim Team

Thank you for visiting Swim Zone US.  

My name is Keith Rountree.  I am the owner and head coach of Swim Zone US.  I also work for the Bay Club Portland as a swim insturctor and head coach for our Club Swim program.

I have been teaching and coaching swimming since May of 2002. My teaching philosophy is simple.  I believe in teaching with love and kindness.  I also believe that growth in anything is a constant struggle.  Through that struggle character and inner strength are born.​  

M.A.R.S      -  This is an acronym that describes how I teach.

Motivation  -  It is my job to make it fun and interesting.

Association  -  Use words and phrases that the student can relate to in order to help them understand better what you want them to achieve.

Repetition   -  What ever is working do it over and over until it becomes an unconscious habit.

​Senses         -  Use more than one method to teach.  Tell them, Show them, and Help them to do each new thing they are learning.

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