Types of swim meets

Mini Meet-These are geared toward out green groups and senior varsity. They take place usually during the week at Willamalane Pool after school hours. We generally have one every month. Swimmers should choose as many events as they want. Coaches encourage swimmers to pick at least 3 and different strokes. 

Invitationals or Open Meets- These meets are for our blue and grey groups, however swimmers in senior varsity and green groups can sometimes attend our home Invitationals with coach approval. Swimmers must be USA Swimming registered in order to attend these meets. 

How to videos

Our 10&Under parent representative Colleen Kersh put together this fantaistic list of videos to watch if you are new to swimming.

How to put on a swim cap

How to read a heat sheet 

How to write a grid on your arm for a swim meet

How to be a timer at a swim meet (shortened video)

How to be a timer (longer video which includes how to be a head timer) This last video is longer but has more details especially regarding the plunger that we often use in addition to the stopwatches. 

Other important details/tips :
1. In the last video, what they refer to as a chief timer is what we often call the head timer at our meets.
2. The head timer will be starting watches as well so if you make a mistake, raise your hand as soon as possible to let them know you need a fresh stopwatch.
3. Only press the plunger button on the finish. 
4. Typically there will be 5 times per swimmer and the timing officials up in the booth rectify these. There will be 1 pad time, 2 plunger times and 2 stopwatch times. 
5. It’s really important to start on the strobe, not the sound.
6. It’s really important to be at the edge of the pool and looking down to see when the swimmer touches the wall.

Become a TEAM Official!

TEAM families, did you know that you could save over $400 per year on swim meet entry fees and take care of your volunteer hours all at once?  If you would rather be busy, than waiting to watch your swimmers swim, please consider becoming an official! We will help you through the entire process. Officials are a necessary part of every meet in order for our swimmers to obtain official times with USA swimming. Our TEAM officials have fun at every meet, you do not need any swimming experience, and we always welcome new people! This month is the perfect time to start or continue the process of becoming a swim official. We have multiple ZOOM clinics coming up.

Already an official? Did you know by becoming a starter, Admin Official, or Meet Referee, you can earn up to $600 TEAM credit per season!!

If you have any questions please reach out to our TEAM Officials Coordinator, Ricci Huling   [email protected]  (541) 499-7802